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How French Fries Became The Deadly American Side-Dish

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Who doesn't love French Fries? And Americans are especially guilty of this oily and salty pleasure no matter how unhealthy they are. This article will talk about how French Fries became the deadly American side-dish, its consequences on health and what alternatives can be taken to reduce its intake from our diet.

Common Side-dish among Americans: Despite the name, French-fried potato is more common among Americans and is a popular side dish among people of all ages. French-fries are made by cutting thin strips of potatoes, which are deep-fried into oil with a pinch of salt sprinkled on it. However, Americans refer all elongated pieces of fried potatoes as fries. No matter what they refer to as fries, French Fries are never considered as a healthy option; still it is a first choice of side dish that every fast-food chain offers.

Healthy Vs Unhealthy Fries: A study showed a drastic drop in French fries’ sale over last decade, still Americans eat nearly 2 billion servings of Fries annually. Chili’s sodium-packed Texas Cheese Fries contain 1,920-calorie per plate and is considered as the worst Fries on health count. McDonald’s small French Fries, on the other hand, score big as it serves only 230 calories per plate. Besides, Arby’s are famous for its delicious but very unhealthy Curly Fries, as it is packed with fat, calories and sodium.

Consequences on Health: Excess intake of fries can also pose health risk. One serving of Arby’s fulfills three-fourth of your daily needs of salt. Dairy Queen Chili Cheese Fries is another worst fries with 1,240-calorie per plate and is really bad for patients with blood pressure. Increasing consumption of such unhealthy snacks has surprisingly increased Type-2 diabetes cases in the middle-aged women, who had no history of chronic illness before.

Alternatives: If you cannot resist the craving for French Fries, try home style small fries worth 350 calories or regular French Fries worth 310 calories. You can also try oven-made French Fries. For recipe, click the link:

Avoid all kinds of alcoholic drinks as it boosts the level of calories at an incredibly high rate. You can also download the best-selling "Eat This, Not That!" on your iPhone app.

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How French Fries Became The Deadly American Side-Dish