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Will Americans Follow The New Food Rules? – Learn Here

Health Science has advanced in leaps and bounds to increase the longevity of human life, but the speeding mechanics of the new lifestyle, incorporating many an unhealthy element, doesn’t pronounce a long healthy life. “Live healthy to live long” is the new American motto, combating the new-avatars of deadly diseases (obesity, diabetes etc).

The US department of health and human services(US HHS) has prescribed new food rules for Americans in the wake of the rising incidence of lifestyle related disorders.

 Let's take a short peek at the Rule of  “The eight before you ate”,  before we debate on “Will Americans follow the new food rules or not?”.

•    Food Rule 1 : Low calories: An emphasis to cut down on calories as to include in your diet only what is minimally required for daily sustenance.

•    Food Rule 2 : More of plant food : Let the nutritive benefits of plant food be derived to the maximum as it is more healthy and wholesome .

•    Food Rule 3 : Low-fat dairy products : Skimmed milk or fat-free yoghurt is a healthier option to fatty dairy products, as rich cream milk and milk products are high in saturated fats which can trigger the onset of heart diseases. This comes as a landmark in the set of new food rules for Americans, as obesity, the silent killer looms large over the American populace, as a silent killer.

•    Food Rule 4 : Switch to lean meats and moderation in poultry and eggs : To reduce the fat intake and also avoid the accumulation of trans-fats, which are the by-products of  cooking of fatty-meats.

•    Food Rule 5 :  Less intake of sugar and solid fats (clarified butter). There are foods with high calorie content with less nutrient potential, which are best avoided.

•    Food Rule 6 :  Fish for health : Include more fish(the healthy ones) in your diet, as they are amply supplied with omega 3 fatty acids, which do tons of good to the heart. Big fish such as tuna and Swordfish have higher levels of mercury, which is toxic for human consumption, are best avoided.

•    Food Rule 7 :  Cut down on sodium and refined grains : Sodium is required only in minimal quantities by the human body so the intake should be ‘just enough’. Refined grains are best avoided as they not only carry fats and added sugar but also sodium inviting ‘treble trouble’.

•    Food Rule 8 : Supplement your healthy diet with exercise: Physical activity holds the key to dissipating all the wastes and unwanted energy from the body system. So as the last but not the least, it no wonder features in the new Food rules for Americans’

From the highlight of the ‘Rule of 8’ it is clear that the onus is on healthy living preceded by a healthy lifestyle. The new food rules for Americans proposed by the centre for nutrition and policy promotion(CNPP) was laid down in the month of May, for the year 2010. The Food plan  is made public once in every 5 years, in view of the health statistics on record.

Schools and prisons who receive federal grants, are to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the CNPP. And the enforcement is but natural.

Apart from the emphasis on nutrition, the focus is also on extricating the killer-food-elements such as trans-fat, which have a common occurrence in many processed food products used by many Americans- individuals and food joints alike.

Both the CNPP and the US HHS have joined hands to make physical fitness and education a part of the daily-curriculum in schools. Mrs Obama’s “Let’s move it” campaign is bound to give the government’s initiatives on child –care a shot in the arm.

The question again arises “Will Americans follow the new food rules?”. Considering the mass-rage for the fast-driven lifestyle, to bring about a change is indeed a mammoth task.The mass-awareness has to be given effect through all the possible ‘mass-media’ of communication, and all the parties involved- at home, school, work, to all strata of the society should be brought to participation in the campaign.

So that the impending question on the country’s, the world’s future – “Will Americans follow the new food rules” doesn’t loom large in the shadow of ignorance, but is shown light, in the seeds of knowledge sown before the budding of life!

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Will Americans Follow The New Food Rules? – Learn Here