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Top 10 Strangest American Foods – The Weirder The Better!

top 10 strangest american foods - ground bisonThere is a mystery element associated with the ‘strange’ – a sense of adventure that sends a tingle down the spine. So it is with strange foods, which open up unexplored avenues of culinary expedition. The American cuisine is renowned for its touch of novelty, fusion and well, the ‘mystery’ element ropes in variety galore. So here are the top 10 strangest American Foods, that you would love to treat yourself to, if you have an affinity for the strange and the mysterious.



•    Potato fries on top of deep-fried frog legs: Indeed an weird American food. But if you can digest the visual by not letting your imagination run-loose, you simply hop for the dish(before a frog compatriot hops in to join you!).

•    Deep fried donut hamburgers : When you have no worries about fat or junk piling on your system, this strangest American food with slices of cheese sandwiched between donuts instead of buns, is the fattiest supplement. Now,  you just wear a blindfold and dig in.

•    Bacon wrapped hot dogs: If you aren’t yet satiated with the meat you have had, bacon wrapped hot dogs is just meat, meat and more meat…Sounds far too meat-y? That’s why it makes it to the top 10 strangest American foods

•    Ground bison : Ground beef is a common dish, but ground bison? Well, you need not take the bison by its horns, because the meat tastes ‘leaner’ than that of beef.

•    Cantaloupes with chili powder : Sweet ‘n’ hot- A strange combination? You can give it a try to test the taste of one of these top 10 strangest American foods.

•    Fresh red-herring :  If you don’t have an aversion for eating something as red and live as a red herring, whole, then you can definitely dig into the delicacy available along the Eastern Seaboard.

•    Crickets : These pestilent creatures, can they serve any good? They do, as in some remote areas of Mexico, the crickets are treated as a nutritious food-item for their protein content .

•    Lizards : In some areas of the desert region of Nevada, lizards serve the diet of the natives. The reptiles are cooked and fried before being declared a delicacy. Strange enough. No wonder it makes it to the top 10 strangest American foods.


top 10 strangest american foods - weird to imagine or realize

Fried peanut butter and jelly, sandwich  : Originated with the Wisconsin state fair, the sandwich is a make of pancake batter, with a sprinkle of sprite before getting fried in peanut butter and jelly.

Fried diamondback rattlesnake :  Famous in Sweetwater’s (Texas) annual food fair,   the fried diamondback rattlesnake comes as a round-up event , where contestants have a chance to cook and eat as well. So if you look forward to tasting this strange American food, you just enroll yourself to enjoy the thrill of the weirdest!

The more you explore, the more you can open up to the strange and unknown and as you set off to your culinary expedition, the list of top 10 strange American foods, will prove to be a beacon of light!

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Top 10 Strangest American Foods – The Weirder The Better!