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Machias wild blueberry festival

A fest or festival around the corner - you welcome it with a song on the lips and a spring in the air. That’s what the festive spirit is all about, yet again the harbinger of the annual Machias wild blueberry festival, which celebrates the community spirit in all fruity fervor, bouncing on merriment and accomplishing a mission.


Machias wild blueberry festival 2010 - A fest full of fruitful fun

The 35th annual Machias wild blueberry festival conducted in downtown Machias, Maine, promises to keep up to its reputation and go a ‘bounce’ further in crossing milestones over its crowd-pulling ability year after year. The fest will be from August 20th to August 22nd  2010.

Organized by the Centre Street Congregational Church, in a joint-effort with the town of Machias and Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, the wild blueberry festival offers the mass, the ‘fruit’ of its sustained efforts and community activities.

Highlighting the links of its community efforts, the church sponsors the Machias Area Food Pantry, the Machias Bay Chamber Concerts, the Washington County Children’s Chorus, and Coats for Kids.

The fest will have a wide range of activities (centered on wild blueberries) from food, craft, entertainment, contests, which make Maine the ‘blue-eyed boy’ at this time of the year.

And, wild blue berries, forming the large share of Maine’s economic power, get the spotlight they deserve in this fest.

The wild blueberry contests:

•    The cooking contest of Machias Wild blueberry fest sponsored  will test your culinary expertise and creativity with blue-berries in the following food categories: Appetizers, Breads, Rolls&Muffins, Coffee Cakes, Dessert Cakes, Cookies, Bars&Squares, Doughnuts, Desserts&Puddings, Jams&Jellies, Pancakes&Waffles, One-Crust Pies, Two-Crust Pies, Salads, Punch & Wines, Relishes, Entrees, and Sugar-Free recipes. You will have to register your entries at the community room of Machias savings back on the August 15th.

•    The pie-eating contests challenges to thrill the participants from children to young adults and adults, with a prize at the end of it, to coronate the efforts.

•    The banner contest to project the festival in its highest and best spirits in the form of a banner, open to all age-groups, individuals or organization and even business. The banner contest will be held on August 13th.

•    The fun and road race of the Machias wild blueberry fest to send your adrenaline rushing, is open to children and adults. A five-mile race-course along the rolling hill-side, makes this event indeed breathtaking.

•    The blueberry quilt raffle features a uniquely hand-embroidered quilt by a group of community women, who work with their nimble fingers for months together to bring out the ‘queen of the quilt’. The quilt will be on display before the commencement of the festival. And raffle tickets will be sold at the church.

There are prizes for each contest, with specific titles befitting the category of the contest, which simply wrap up the competitive zeal, to burst forth once again, for more entertainment.


There is the festival music band which waits to make it a performance of a lifetime. The blueberry music festival is written and composed by locales, who sing away to glory and dance away in ‘buck ‘n’ wing’ , the typical blueberry style.

Not to miss out on the ‘cynosure of all eyes’ the kids that is, there is variety galore for them with a unique kids zone, featuring fun and frolic with a trail and track of activities.

Then, there is the convergence of vendors, craftsman and artisans and shops under one roof,  which will not only make you ogle, but also drop level at the splendor of it all!

As about the tickets and venue for the events schedule, you could go to the official website of, to gather more information.

Machias wild blueberry festival 2010, as previously, is all set to squeeze the fruit of the festive spirit, in the largest, biggest gathering of natives and tourists, and make the celebration a memorable one.

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Machias Wild Blueberry Festival