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importance of newspaper in our life

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Researchers have long been interested in adolescents' media use. Surprisingly, however, few studies have investigated young teens' newspaper consumption habits. These studies document the significant declines in newspaper readership in general and among young readers in particular.1

Fewer researchers have examined the impact of race on newspaper readership.2 Additionally, there are no large-scale studies that specifically look at racial differences among early adolescent newspaper readers. This study attempts to address that gap.


Newspaper studies indicate that adolescents who avoid traditional news consumption in their teen years3 will most likely continue the behavior into their adult years.4 Therefore, industry groups such as the powerful NAA and the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE) have renewed a focus on capturing the interests of younger news consumers. The Newspaper Association of America has optimistically argued that the battle for youthful readers has by no means been lost. Citing figures from a 1998 survey by Teen Research Unlimited, the NAA estimated that 75 percent of teens spend 2.5 hours a week reading newspapers. Their favorite sections: comics, sports, entertainment, and horoscopes. Even if teens use newspapers widely, however, they don't necessarily find them relevant.5

This increasing focus on the reading habits of children and teens underscores the importance of understanding adolescent newspaper use in the context of a contemporary environment full of media choices. Indeed, there is no shortage of media vying for young people's attention. Most recent research describes contemporary American adolescents living in a world where the mass media are pervasive. Roberts found that a majority of adolescents, aged 8 to 18, owned a radio (70 percent), tape player (64 percent), a TV (53 percent), and a CD player (51 percent) - all in their bedrooms.6

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Importance Of Newspaper In Our Life