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Invite a Friend Contest Winners

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It was a thrilling contest with nail-biting finish.

Nikko of Florida was the leader for a long period of time and appeared all set to be crowned as the leading Community Builder. In fact we were looking for Thanksgiving deals to send him a really big TV. However, towards the end Sonal Sambhavi  of Pink City, Jaipur, India surprised everyone by inviting inviting 188 friends in a short span of time.


Sonal had a huge number of college friends and their friends join the site. She displayed amazing social networking skills by bringing majority of her college community to the site. Sonal is thankful to all her friends who ran the membership drive with her to make her a winner. Sonal and her friends love and use it regularly to try out new fun foods while living in hostel (dormitory). However they are still thinking about ways to contribute to the community and are most likley going to add easy to make recipes.

Thank you Sonal and friends!.


The idea behind this contest was to motivate you to help in building community.  Thanks to all for inviting friends and family to the site.


Over the next few weeks we are going to implement many social features on the site and you will see that your friends will make your experience more useful and fun.


We are sending special t-shirts to top 25 winners.

sonal shambhavi
The Tortilla Guy
vikas kumar
kshitiz shekhar
vikash kumar.
Ganesh Dutta
Desiree Dorwart
Chefmdg Vibs

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thanks admin for nice T-shirt!
Ganesh.Dutta's picture
Congratulations Sonal!
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Hi SOnal, Hearty Congratulations..enjoy your entertainment on the big screen..
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Congratulations Sonal! You live in such a beautiful city. I love Jaipur! Thanks for the TShirt make it a large size so Steve can wear it too. We will wear iFood.TV T-shirts while filming in Siem Reap and Phnom Pinh in Cambodia and in Hua Hin and Bangkok in Thailand. We'll be passing out cards we are having printed to foodies who are wired every where we go with our cameras. We leave on Dec 8 so send it ASAP! Shanti/Mary-Anne
moodyfoody's picture
Hey Sonal Congratulations !!!
Sarah's picture
Congratulations Sonal! Foodlover Sarah
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Congrats!! From the pic it looks like you have a cool group of friends :) Enjoy your prize.
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Congratulations Sonal and all other winners!
Invite A Friend Contest Winners