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New-age bizarre food: Cobra meat burgers

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The fact that some Asian cultures consume snake in various forms is no big secret. Now, restaurants in Indonesia are serving nothing other than Cobra burgers, in a bizarre-yet-interesting twist to bridging the gap between exotic Asian cuisine and Western fast food!

Now, cobra burgers look exactly as appetizing and delicious as your usual chicken or beef burgers, even served with the fries and ketchup of your choice. Exactly like your usual hamburger; except that the meat used in the patty would be from a less common source- a venomous cobra. 

The cobra burger, served in Indonesia, looks no different than a beef or chicken hamburger

Cobras are bred in captivity in many parts of Asia, and are eaten in a variety of dishes. Snakes are a prominent feature of Chinese Cantonese cooking, and the Chinese believe that snake meat soup can warm your body and protect you against the common diseases.  

In countries like China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam, consuming snake blood, from the cobra, in particular, is believed to increase sexual virility. The blood is drawn from the snake preferably when it’s still alive, and is mixed with some alcohol before consumption. On the same lines, certain snakes are steeped in alcohol to make the liqueur stronger, and this liqueur can be sold at a great price.

Back to the indigenous cobra burgers, the cobras are usually harvested and bred in snake farms, are slaughtered and skinned and their meat processed to make an inconspicuous, but delicious-looking cobra burger.  

For the faint-hearted and queasy, here’s some food for thought: 

- Snake meat is considered to be the next ‘in’ thing in the white meat industry.  

- Snake meat is known to be a rich source of proteins and vitamins.  

- It is also quite low on calories.   

Besides, in the parts of the world that consume snake as a part of their staple diet, snake meat is also renowned for its medicinal and aphrodisiac properties. 

So cobra burger, anyone?

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New-age Bizarre Food: Cobra Meat Burgers