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Food Expert Richard Johnson on the RSPCA Good Business Awards

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Food retailers large and small are being urged to enter this year's RSPCA Good Business Awards, which recognise ethical business approaches to animal welfare.

The RSPCA is looking to reward food retailers that set out to source their meat, fish, dairy products and eggs from suppliers that maintain higher animal welfare standards, covering living conditions, transport, slaughter methods, labelling and farm inspection. It is free to enter, and companies can go to to download an entry form.

Richard Johnson, award judge and TV journalist, says: "Customers want to feel assured that their favourite retailers continue to make being animal-friendly easy by using suppliers that rear their animals humanely. Retailers that are doing this, or seeking to, deserve our support and recognition. This year, we hope to see more entries than ever before."

Winners will be promoted on the RSPCA Good Business Awards website and achievements will be detailed in an ethical consumer guide to choosing higher welfare companies.

Entrants this year will be judged on the basis of their practices in the following areas:

• Welfare of beef, dairy cattle, poultry bred for meat, laying hens, pigs, sheep and farmed fish
• Live transport of animals
• Commitment to only selling meat from animals that have been pre-stunned before slaughter
• Labelling
• Import of meat and eggs from other countries
• Farm inspection
• Commitment to not selling foie gras and white veal
• Aspirations to phase out the sale of whole eggs from cage systems

Entry questionnaires can be downloaded from or by contacting the RSPCA Good Business Awards team on 0300 123 0488 or The entry deadline is 5pm on Wednesday 30 June 2010.

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Animal Welfare In The Food Industry
Richard Johnson discusses about animal welfare practices in food industry. RSPCA is planning for business rewards to food retailers who are maintaining higher animal welfare standards.

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Food Expert Richard Johnson On The RSPCA Good Business Awards, Animal Welfare In The Food Industry