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The Quest for Fake Meat Leads To Soy-Chicken

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Ever since the modern man discovered animal rights, eating meat has been a hazardous preposition for meat-lovers. Every time you bite into a piece of chicken, the crusade against animal-slaughter, pushes you towards “the quest for fake meat”, which tastes like chicken but is not chicken, actually. Soy-Like Chicken, Invented in Missouri, Is the Latest News

Every time one digs into a juicy chicken wing, one is faced with questions like – “Do we really need to kill animals to live?” That sort of dampens the spirit of the carnivores among us. Not only this, the “hunger for meat” is also believed to be contributing to the ongoing global warming catastrophe.

With the situation turned for worse, the alluring idea of fake meat sounds and looks even more interesting. After all, who wouldn’t want to imagine how it would be to bite into a juicy chicken wing that wasn’t chicken but something as harmless as a plant?

After a research that was spread over more than a decade, University of Missouri scientists claimed to have created the first soy product, which can be fine-tuned to taste like chicken. This product can be made to break apart in the mouth just like the chicken does, with that “ineffable chew of real flesh.”

However, even thought the vegetarian world is today feeling all happy and joyous about the Missouri invention, the fake chicken still has a long way to go before it can prove its credibility. One reason for this is that chicken, which has always been like the “holy grail,” is difficult to recreate through artificial methods. It is this which is keeping a lot of interested investors still at bay from the Missouri breakthrough despite the fact that a meat alternative, which not only looks but also tastes like chicken, is bound to have huge market potential.

The ultimate aim in this quest for fake meat is how to create fleshy, muscle-like texture without the use of blood and it is this obstacle, which, for now, is proving to be difficult to achieve.
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The Quest For Fake Meat Leads To Soy-Chicken