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The story of a $16,000 Tip…

tip at restaurantWhat is the story of a $16,000 tip?! Yes, you have read it right! A waiter was left a $16,000 tip. While on one hand, the debate on how much to tip at restaurants rages on, here comes news of a shocking amount given in tip on the other hand. The person who received a $16,000 tip, was a fortunate waiter at the London's renowed Westbury Mayfair Hotel. 

The customer reportedly was an anonymous Russian billionaire who had placed an order for Methuselah of Dom Perignon Rose Gold 1996, a six liter bottle. The customer was at the Polo Bar of the hotel. The price of this bottle was $53,000, which means over $2,000 for each glass. How can such a person be watching the budget closely? A $16,000 tip on top of $6,000 service charges strengthens this fact further. I think the man had more money than sense. What’s your opinion on this piece of news?



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The Story Of A $16,000 Tip…