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Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

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Hi All,

For anyone who hasn't been there, The Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is a real treat! (65 Bayard Street) In the summer time there is a line around the block but Monday I was there and it was empty...of course it's a little chilly out!!! It's worth it! I love the Black Sesame & Ginger flavors. Check it out if you're in the city. I'll be hosting a show for ifood on other great desserts in New York...coming soon.

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Are you going to have video show just like "Sherry Ass Kickin"?  I think its a great idea to start reviewing fun places of New York, wish I had the time to join. Good Luck!
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Are you covering chinatown on new year? I hear this is year of pigs. Do they have big flavored or pork mixed ice cream?
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Hello, I didn't see any pork flavored ice cream. Now that would be interesting! My show "Fun Food" will start in the next few weeks. There will be lots of great video and interviews. I will be covering all New York foods. Let me know if you find an interesting place that we would want to consider. Thanks!
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Hi Monica, I am not in NY but frequently visit. I am looking forward to using the "fun food" show to try out new places. Keep it coming.
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Thanks for checking in. Next week I will be visiting some of my favorite dessert places as well as an Irish bar. Feel free to ask any questions and stay tuned for my videos!
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Another foodie asked for some recommendations so here are some places to check out...Patsy's Pizza. 61 West 74th. I love pizza!!! This is my favorite.Grimaldi's. 19 Old Fulton St. Brooklyn. Now that the weather is getting nicer, you can walk the Brooklyn Bridge and go to Grimaldis.Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory. Right across the Brooklyn Bridge. I stop there on my way back once I've had my pizza.Coppola's. 206 W 79th. A nice reasonable italian place. Great pastas and pizza.Gradisca. 126 W 13th. Pricy but worth it. All pastas are homemade. $30 pastas. I love the gnocchi in a truffle cream sauce.Harry's Burrito. 241 Columbus Ave. (67th) Great outdoor seating and killer margaritas. There is usually a wait but worth it. One of the large drinks is all you need! I like to build my own quesadilla.Fred's & High Life. 83rd & Amsterdam. They are across the street from each other. Great American food. Hign Life also has good sushi. Lots of bars on Amsterdam.The Half King. 505 West 23rd. The best and biggest burgers. I love the sweet potato fries too. In the back there is garden seating. It gets a good bar crowd also.Zen Palate. There are a few in the city. The most popular vegetarian.Thai Basil. 860 9th Ave. A tiny place with very authentic Thai food. I love it.Serendipity. 225 East 60th. An ice cream lovers dream. You must get the frozen peanut butter hot chocolate. They do serve food but I go for dessert. The great thing about New York is that you can stumble on a great restaurant at any time. All of these neighborhoods are worth exploring. Happy Eating!!
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory