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Nielsen In-Store To Release First Audience Numbers Next Month

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NielsenNEW YORK — In mid-November, Nielsen In-Store here will provide retailers, manufacturers and agencies that are members of the PRISM (Pioneering Research for an In-Store Metric) Consortium members with the first large “database” of in-store audience observations and projections, said George Wishart, global managing director for Nielsen In-Store. Nielsen In-Store began collecting audience data from 160 stores operated by 17 retail chains on April 29. In addition to these retailers, Nielsen In-Store has partnered with 12 CPG companies and six ad agencies, as well as the In-Store Marketing Institute in the PRISM Consortium. The aim of the consortium, formed in spring 2006, is to create an in-store measurement standard that can be used by marketers and retailers. In late January, the members will receive a supplementary database containing “fourth-quarter insights,” Wishart said. An industry database, representing standard audience numbers for participating retailers, will become available in the second quarter of 2008.


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