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Locked in an eternal embrace

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i'm a hopeless romantic.

i've always believed in reincarnation.

i spent a huge amount of my childhood with the very wise Buddhism nuns. i remember the nuns would always tell me, "god will never separate true love, any type of love. even if you don't get to be lovers again in your next life time, you will still have them as someone that's very close to you..."

when this "Locked in an eternal embrace" news article popped open on my laptop last night, i was in tears within two seconds. of course, the first thing i thought of was what the nuns told me.
once in a while, i still think like a little girl - i wonder how this couple is doing this lifetime, where they're living now, if they still love each other like 5,000 years ago, if they still embrace each other the same way every night before they fall asleep together.
valentine's day is just around the corner, show your love to everyone that's close to you (even if you're not Buddhist), thank them for being in your life. show them your love everyday, let them know they've made a difference in your life. i'm baking sweets for everyone this year, i want them to know i will always remember their sweet kindness.
Locked in an eternal embrace

Their loving embrace has lasted an eternity - well 5000 years to be precise

It is the city where the exiled Romeo dreamed he died and Juliet's kisses breathed life back into his body.

Tragically, the lifeless bodies of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers would soon lie side by side.

Yesterday at Mantua, in an amazing echo of that heartrending story, archaeologists revealed the discovery of a couple locked in a tender embrace, one that has endured for more than 5,000 years.

The find was unearthed by experts digging at a neolithic site at a less than romantic industrial estate. Scientists are to examine the skeletons to try to establish how old they were when they died and how long they have been buried.

One theory being examined is that the man was killed and the woman then sacrificed so that his soul would be accompanied in the after life.

Elena Menotti, who is leading the dig at Valdaro near Mantua in northern Italy, said: 'I am so excited about this discovery.

"We have never found a man and a woman embraced before and this is a unique find.

"We have found plenty of women embracing children but never a couple. Much less a couple hugging -- and they really are hugging. It's possible that the man died first and then the woman was killed in sacrifice to accompany his soul.

"From an initial examination they appear young as their teeth are not worn down but we have sent the remains to a laboratory to establish their age at the time of death.

"They are face to face and their arms and legs are entwined and they are really hugging.

"I am so thrilled at this find. I have been involved in lots of digs all over Italy but nothing has excited me as much as this."

"I've been doing this job for 25 years. I've done digs at Pompeii, all the famous sites.

"But I've never been so moved because this is the discovery of something special."

An initial examination of the couple - dubbed the Lovers of Valdaro - revealed that the man (on the left in the picture) has an arrow in his spinal column while the woman has an arrow head in her side.

The area has already given up a spectacular Roman villa.

Five thousand years ago the area around Mantua was marshland and criss-crossed by rivers and the environment has helped preserve the skeletons in their near perfect state.

The tribes of the area thrived through hunting and fishing and travelled along the waterways in boats but even then the simple hunter gatherer lifestyle was being replaced by livestock rearing, weaving and pottery.

In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is sent to Mantua for killing Tybalt Capulet in a swordfight.

Romeo subsequently leaves the city and returns to Verona when he hears his love, Juliet, has died.

* from the

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I dont believe this can happen. Do you believe this is true love. I think its a archeological freak. But thanks for posting this. Are you really such a hopeless romantic? hehhehehe
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what don't you believe can happen? the true love part or how long they've been hugging each other?... of course i believe it's true love, because i am a hopeless romantic! lol even if i was wrong, even if true love does not exist, their bodies still have been entwine for the last 5,000 years. that's a really, really long time to hold each other, look into each others eyes... perhaps they are the ture hopeless romantics.
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what don't you believe can happen?  the true love part or how long they've been hugging each other?...  of course i believe it's true love, because i am a hopeless romantic!  lol  even if i was wrong, even if true love does not exist, their bodies still have been entwine for the last 5,000 years.  that's a really, really long time to hold each other, look into each others eyes...  perhaps they are the ture hopeless romantics.
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guys whether true love happens or not, i know this is one helluva freaky case !
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Love doesn’t require any prefix or suffix, as truth can no longer be a truth if it is half or little truth. And full truth is truth no prefix required. So love is always love and true. It is a emotional force which wax and wane (changes) with the time like all natural existence. This is gift to humanity by the nature to the every one in this world and each one is on the same pedestal in this respect and undergoes the same feeling. But this is something different how he/she manifests and committed. Love in which one see the commitment and integrity is said to be the successful one but that commitment and integrity is the very nature of that individual and it has nothing to do with that emotion.
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Guys, if you look at it real close it seems like they are out to get each others guts. Their butts wont be that far apart if they were embracing. I think they were fighting just before an avalanche :)
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Nitin might be right, they could be fighting and suddnely there was an avalanche and they got buried. What ever they were doing at that time they were sure were doing for eternity. For all we know they could be the worst enemy. Spending 5000 years with an enemy.. wow..
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of course there are many different ways we could look at these two skeletons, i am well aware of that.  there are many possibilities -- family members, friends, lovers, or even enemies...however, i will restate my opening line for this blog -- "i'm a hopeless romantic."we can always look at everything with different point of views, i guess i usually look at things in a more romantic, positive, but in a realistic way....just a personal preference..i guess i am a little girl.if i do have a choice, this would be the way i would want to be with my love for the next 6,000 years, locked in an eternal embrace.
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This blog has rightly been promoted to the top of the blog list on the fornt page. Obviously, has more than one hopeless romantic. Love is the way of life now and forever!!
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thank you so much "master2006"!!  :)  love IS the way of life!  you rule!  :)
Locked In An Eternal Embrace