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Meat Recall Shuts Down Topps

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Topps Gound beef pattiesELIZABETH, N.J. — Topps Meat Co., one of the nation’s largest suppliers of frozen beef patties, announced on Friday that it was shutting down its operations. The announcement came six days after the company issued a recall for 21.7 million pounds of product following an E. coli outbreak that sickened 30 people in eight states. The recall was the second largest in U.S. history to date, and encompassed an entire year of production from Topps, according to published reports. Officials from both Topps and the U.S. Department of Agriculture have said that most of the recalled product has likely been eaten already, but the USDA has encouraged consumers to check products in their freezer, regardless. The illnesses have led to at least two lawsuits filed against Topps — one seeking class-action status — and one suit against Wal-Mart, which, along with several other food retailers, sold product made by Topps.


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Human life is the much important than brand name or product
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Let's hope that the rash of impure foods closing down factories like this one, and the dreadful melamine fiasco in China in dog food where the factory president committed suicide over the ordeal, will finally get companies to concentrate on producing pure healthy products instead of the almighty dollar. Taking short cuts is causing much of these e-coli outbreaks, as well as here in California with Spinach not testing the run off waters. Wild animal wastes had gotten into the growing fields. In China they were using the melamine as it gives a false high protein reading in tests. No concern or knowledge as to the outcome i.e. death of animals eating the dog food. It really wakes consumers up to being alert and protecting the health of their loved ones-family and friends.
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That's an absolute shame... I feel most sorry for the needless death of the animals since the meat will be destroyed...
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Hey lets go vegetarian!
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Unfortunately much ground beef is remnants or as they say in textiles sweepings from the floor. I grind my own meats or buy at the Halal market where we have known the owner (actually a school chum of our daughter's) for many years. I know what is in it and it is freshly ground several times a day. Often when I walk in I place my order, walk around shopping or go next door with Shahid, the owner's son and we sip a cup of chai or a yogurt drink and chat. His brother owns the restaurant Indus Village next door to the market which has been rated well since it's opening by Zagat. The Indus Market also carries many Eastern European ingredients and excellent yogurt, phylo, etc. It is on San Pablo just past University in Berkeley, CA. if you live in the area. Just a few blocks from another favourite-Vik's Chat House. Yes I am going to do a video of this colourful spot whenever I get a video camera. Hey Nikko what did you buy?
CookingMyWay's picture
I went with a Sony HDR-SR8 - HD hard drive model. I used The Tortilla Guy's hard drive video camera and it sold me. It's just to easy to transfer from the camera to the computer for editing. And one of these days when iFood.TV goes High Definition.., I'll be ready... The nicest thing I found with this one is that you can put an external mic on it - they have a bluetooth one and a shotgun mike that I liked... It's going to get it's first run at the show in New York next month... :) Nikko
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Is it Vista compatible?
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Opps, I am partial to Sony or Nikon or JVC, I am running a Sony Vaio Core 2 and am on Vista OS
CookingMyWay's picture
Oddly enough Sony didn't have anything on their site but I found an article that said it does...
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too bad we dropped $1200 on my Nikon D80 w/2 lenses 10.0 etc. etc. last Dec. This camera of yours does both, but the Nikon photos are spectacular. I mean I must reduce to 1/12 quality for iFood.TV and I get many compliments, must be good. I am a Nikon fan always have been. Even have a stupid little Nikon coolpix pocket camera that takes videos but nothing like what I "need". My biggie is it must be HD and Vista compatible as I am not going back to XP on the other Sony Vaio that Steve is using now with his Dell and Toshiba laptops. You'd think he was involved in internet. I am giving the Mac G3 away to a friend, used to love Macs but just haven't been thrilled with them in about 5 years. Running and ducking I hear some roars!
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It's a nice camera but the photos will be nothing like what you get out of your Nikon. As far as digital cameras go that's the top of the line... I've always been a Nikon fan too - especially when you add a k and drop the n... lol... :) Nikko