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hi,, lover,s.

we r contineously discussing about the creation of many smaller states from bigger states like,uttar pradesh[the c m herself has requested central govt. to devide the biggest populated 18+crores, into four smaller states], maharastra,andhra,west bengal,bihar and rajasthan etc.

the smaller state is like a curse for indian people,just see what hapening in jharkhand fractured mandate has started very hard bargaining by a reginal party called jharkhand mukti morch[ j m m] led by mr.sibu soren who became 2 time c m but due to several charges he was compelled to step down and ulmately state gone under president rule as per constitution of india.

the central govt.started many welfare schemes inthe state to improve the worst condition of about 90%poor people of the state.

due to constitutionalbinding the assemly election took place and final result came on 23rd.december,the poor and inocent people of state again came under emotional feelings in obliging every one groups and parties ,hence complete fractured mandates,the J M M ,has secured 18 seats out of 81 and its leader just demanded yesterday that he will support those who will make him,the chief minister and his son deputy c m,perhaps such ugliest demand is unique in indian democratic setup,even a blind person can,t put such gridy demands.

in public interest such rotten politicians should totally ignored by all groups and parties who only thinks seef n family,it is nothing but out come of smaller state,hence it is national compulsion to stop the creation of small state and keep the country integration intact.

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