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The current rage of packaged foods!

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packed food

"What is this life full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?"


These lines from the poem"Leisure" by William Henry Davies remind us of how busy man has become today that to spare a little time to ponder over things is next to impossible for him.The irony lies in the fact that man works so hard just to earn himself a meal for two times in a day but because of his hard work and compex schedules he has completely run out of time to cook those two meals for himself.They say that"you have to eat to live"but how in this world can you manage time to cook the food to eat?All this has led to just one viable solution"packaged food".


Realising the need for  packaged food in today's highly competitive,busy and complex lives,these packaged food companies are simply cashing upon their products through attractive slogans as "Ready to eat mix","a whole bunch of taste" etc.But the question is-Can packaged foods ever replace the charm and nutritive value of freshly cooked food?


Packaged food can be a temporary substitute for freshly cooked food but never a permanent one!To keep these packaged food fresh and out of expiry for a long time,the packaged food companies add a lot of preservatives which do more harm than good.Firstly these preservatives extract the nutrition from cooked food,add their own flavours to food which takes away the natural taste and flavour of cooked food.Packaged food is also the cause of a serious food poisoning disease called"Butulism" which is caused due a special bacterium found in tinned and sealed food.


But as they say there are always two sides of a coin,so is the case with packaged foods.While on one hand they take away most of the nutrition from freshly cooked food,on the other hand they are a current range among people specially teenagers who love their different tastes and flavours.To them who stay far away from home,they give a feeling of a 'home away from home'.For those living abroad,they give a taste of spices and flavours of their very own country.During off season periods,when the rates of fruits and vegetables goes high,then these packaged foods are the only saving grace for us because they provide food at affordable prices.These packaged food owners store food when their rates are low and keep them packed for such off season periods when the rates go extremenly high.


Considering the pros and cons of packaged foods we come to the conclusion that no doubt packaged foods are a necessity in today's fast paced world.Ofcourse they can never be a substitute to freshly cooked food but if not a good substitute then surely they are a good accompaniment.Had it not been for these packaged foods,half of the world's population would be sleeping without eating.For those on the lookout for a combination of nutritive and tasty food would find a perfect balance in mixing and matching freshly cooked and packaged food.


To say that if we are bread winners then packaged foods are bread providers would not be wrong.So let s plan to tickle our palates and challenge our taste buds with these spicy and different tasting packaged foods.......emmmmmmm...hungry kya???      


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The Current Rage Of Packaged Foods!