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Have you eatern Biryani like This?

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Well, i love Biryani (a North Indian dish in which rice is cooked with goat or other meats and spices). I have had a lot of Biryani and at many places. I have had biryani at home (where it is the best - my friends also swear that the mutton birynia my MOM makes, ROCKS big time), in restaurants, on the streets of Delhi, at Jama Masjid and in big weddings. I have eaten in small plates, from a big cooking dish and even a BIGGER dish in which food for 200 people can be made. I thought i had eaten a lot of Biryani and in many ways - but, as life always is, i was so wrong. Have you ever eaten Biryani like this??


I mean this is SERIOUS!!!!!!!! eating. I believe this as big as the tent and can easily feed a 1000 people. I am sure that outside the tent they screen out kids who could actually drown in this sea of rice and (looks like) camel meat. How did they even cook this? And how do they lay it out? I must say, hats off to the saudis, bahrainians (i now know why michael jackson lives there) and other middle eastern BIRYANI EATERS, you GUYS rock!!!

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Have You Eatern Biryani Like This?