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Evidence of Mass Cannibalism!

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Warning:- Not for the sensitive lot.

Recent gruesome discoveries of body remnants of our ancestors in South Germany point at practices of mass cannibalism!!! My first interaction with the concept of cannibalism comes with the portrayal of Hannibal Lecter by Anthony Hopkins since then it has been a reason for  many nightmares! I have a feeling these archeological discoveries about a period when cannibalism was more a way of life is only going to increase the frequency of these cannibalistic dreams!!!

Mass Cannibalism

Around 7000 years ago, in a settlement in South Germany, which is now a village called Herxheim, hundreds of people were butchered, eaten partially and part of the body were thrown into oval pits. It might have been part of a violent ritual sacrifice which according to anthropologist Bruno Boulestin of the University of Bordeaux in France and his colleagues was in-sync with a number of violent practice that arose in Central Europe during this time. The team thinks that the then unstable political and social state would have triggered such practices!!! It is believed the victims could have been slaves, war prisoners or even other dependents!!!

The conclusion about mass cannibalism was further strengthened by the way the ribs were  separated from the spine (typical butchery technique) and by how the heads were skinned and muscles removed from the brain case in order to remove the skull cap. The atrocities doesn't stop there, the tongues seems to have been plucked and the bone marrow sucked out. the most damning evidence was the chewing marks found at the end of the limb bones!!!

For those who are already disgusted, archeologists Jörg Orschiedt of the University of Leipzig in Germany and Miriam Haidle of Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in Frankfurt may just salvage your emotions.. according to them these evidences do not point to a cannibalistic practice, but rather a ritual where dead bodies were dismembered, flesh was removed and then reburied!! Of course it is better than the cannibalistic hypothesis but then again why am I not feeling consoled!!!

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Evidence Of Mass Cannibalism!