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Infrared Oven Review Show

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Nuwave Infrared Oven Review
Here comes a revolutionary oven, which is infrared oven. This has many advantages, and can cook healthy low carb recipes. The foods cooked in this oven are delicious, and healthy.

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I've been using my NuWave for about 2 years and I love it--especially for low-carb cooking that tastes good. I noticed in the video she lays the top of the oven upside down on the countertop. There's a little U-shaped metal hanger (laying to the left of the oven) that hooks under the base and the top just tilts off so you don't have to lay it on the working part of the oven. It is a little warm but not seriously so. This makes it easy to turn food, add food that might not take as long to cook or remove the food from the oven. Great oven--I highly recommend it!
Infrared Oven Review Show Video, Nuwave Infrared Oven Review