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Photo Courtesy of Gary Ibsen, TomatoFest.comHundreds of heirloom tomatoes to taste!Many people think tomatoes are always red. Heirloom tomatoes come in a rainbow of colours-red, yellow, orange, purple, black, pink, green, cream, bi-colours nd even white. Each one has a different flavour. Some are fruity and sweet while others have a boing to them.60 Top chefs offer palate pleasing tomato-dishesThe offerings are amazing masterpieces to behold and fill your mouth with exciting flavours. These are not a smear of roasted tomatoes on a piece of bread these are culinary offerings at their finest.Sounds wonderful-doesn't it? courtesy of Gary Ibsen, TomatoFest.comTomato Bread TowerPhoto Curtesey of Gary Ibsen, TomatoFest.comCognac Sturgeon & Fried
Heirloom Tomato
Photo curtesey of Gary Ibsen, TomatoFest.comHillbilly Tomato Bleu Burger
with Dungeness Crab
Todd Fisher,

Wine Table Setup and Server

Photo curtesy of Gary Ibsen,

Dozens of California premium wines will be poured

For tickets:

Ticket price includes all foods, wines and activities. Children under 12, with parent, are admitted free. Come bring the whole family! We have delights for the kids too. Net proceeds benefit youth charities. Thus far the Carmel TomatoFest® has donated more than $210,000.00 to local, regional and national charities to benefit children.

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wow - amazing photos!
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I hope you take lots of photos and video when you go this year...
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I always do! This time I have a place to share them.
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I can't wait to see them!!!
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60 chefs, 40 wineries, enormous barbecue, live fun music and great friends-and oh soooo many heirloom tomatoes. You should should plan a trip out to include this fun fest. People attend from 30+ states and like 6 or 7 countries. A couple years ago Syteve and I toured the BBC film crew through what fun. The talk show host doing the show was from India via London and we had sooo much fun--director wasn't pleased VBG
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Oh God ! mouthwatering pictures! really unique and great food festival.........
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It is simply the BEST food and Wine event I have ever attended (I have attended many!). Steve and I will be covering this for all our iFood.TV friends.
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great........i am waiting!
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The photos are fantastic...what an eye! Does Gary take them himself??? Can't wait to see your videos of the event and our own tomato king....!
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Some I took and the rest were taken by a couple of professionals. Bob Franco did the videos. He films for PBS stations, etc. We should start uploading videos asap.
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watch the many TomatoFest videos on
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amazing coverage!
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And this Sunday is Tomato Fest 2008!
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your photos are gorgfeous.