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E-TV Urdu is one of the largest seen India based TV-Channel featured in their global news broadcasted watched extensively from Dubai to Jakarta. News script is in urdu. For non-urdu understanding user, translation of the News is given in english.

To generate warmth in the relationship of India and Pakistan, apart from the government and track two diplomacy, every one has advocated to strengthen the relationship and communication between common people of two countries. is also a furthering this effort.


Only by hearing the name of picture of delicious foods sparks in brain and gives us a chance to relish the taste of all best cuisines of the world. All the information regarding recipes like how to prepare, time of preparation etc are available on this website. Holding top position among the food video community in India this website is shouldering the responsibility to improve the Indo-Pak relationship by connecting people. Users of this website are having of opinion that this is very easy way to improve the connectivity between the masses.

Opinion of user one: has helped us in connection and exchange of ideas between the like minded people of the two countries, not only with relatives but all.

Opinion of user two: Endeavor of is a good start in right direction and this effort will yield into good result. I appreciate those who are involved in making whole concept real and I would pray to almighty to have their moral high.

Authorities of have to say that their main aim is connection i.e. to connect people, in which they are pretty successful. If we go with the they claim their helping hand not only with food items but with other lateral features which is showing the new avenues of success.

Interview: We have provided a channel or plat-form to the masses for exchange of ideas. has started a wall of message and other features to improve the connectivity between the common people. Go with the, they are receiving thousands of messages daily on their web-site across the globe. All these messages are messengers of peace and harmony

Interview: Sure, sure and sure! Brothers apart (India and Pakistan) would be a part with the fabric of food and this is our conviction that knot of food can further strengthen the relation.

They feel that the people to people contact is the best way to improve the relationship up to the zenith between India and Pakistan. We can hope for the best result on 60th anniversary of independence. Etv News.



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