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How Ifood.Tv is Promoting Indo-Pak Relations

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E-TV Urdu is one of the largest seen India based TV-Channel featured in their global news broadcasted watched extensively from Dubai to Jakarta. Here is the video recording of the story on E-TV Urdu. Sorry for poor video quality. I will try to get original video later, this is breaking news.

Technical Specification to access ETV Urdu:
Satellite - APR-I (INSAT-2E) at 83.5 degree East
Downlink frequency - 4005 MHz
Downlink Polarisartion - Vertical
Symbol rate - 27000 Kg Symbol/sec
FEC - 3/4
Downlink EIRP - 38 dbW
Signal type Digital,MPEG 2/clear

Also Known as: In E-tv Prime News Review is a food based website that has been proved to be quite informative to all its viewers. Watch out the video and see what E-tv Prime News channel has to say about the website!

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Awesome! Can you translate a bit for us? I understand some Hindi but not Urdu and I am sure many here woud love to know what they are say about iFood.TV. I did understand that they mentioned iFood.TV's mention the iFood.TV's sponsored NYC celebration of the 60th Independence of India and Pakistan through Flavors Beyond Borders, an event featuring Indo-Pak food and music.
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Thanks Shantihhh, I have tried to translate whole news coverage and posted it in the blog section. Please see this link It was cute to see u try understanding the news.
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Nice coverage from E TV Urdu
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Nice coverage from E TV Urdu
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Yes, Great coverage Etv urdu...
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Erase the Borders...Go!!!
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As common people contact will grow these wall would have no meaning. We will find only politicians to make it firm in their vested interest. World should be borderless and only some kind of regulatory body should exist which look after law and order. No military, no conflict, no war...
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This is fabulous. is about connecting people through theire shared interest. The symbolic representation of siblings eating togther as a family is well articulated for Indo-Pak case. Eat and live well!
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Thanks, Etv Urdu has appreciated the ifood vision of connection. They feel that one to one contact with the common people of two countries can generate goodwill among the masses which would be helpful in better diplomatic relation.
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Congrats Didn't know you guys have offices in India too! Hey I love those T-shirts, can I get one? How come Melissa and Vikas appear in most of your news clips? Guess they are in your intro video. I am glad to send my video clip for your next news, just let me know.
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Don't be jealous, Miss "I-have-the-most-viewed-profile-on-iFood"!!! LOL If they put THOSE hot legs of yours on TV, they'll have to give it an "adults only" tag!
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Thanks Hyde, T-shirts are really good, but I would suggest ifood admin to make some hot t-shirt specially for you and start some competition or award or target( which profile is seen most ) by which users can get it. Melissa and Vikas have contributed a lot with their culinary skills so the chances are great to get them even with cursory browsing on ifood. Shakti was also in the news. Looking forward to see your video on ifood.
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#1 - CONGRATULATIONS YOU GUYS!! #2 - Did you all see me on there?!?! If not, you must've blinked! ha! #3 - From an English-only perspective, it cracked me up that I wouldn't understand a word of it, then hear "I Food Dot TV" clear as day!!
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Thanks Melissa, You know many people know you here in India because is No1 food site in India. I personally know many user who love your recipes and your presentation, so they can catch even a glimpse of Melissa. I would recommend ifood admin to invite you in India whenever they organize food festival. For english understanding users a copy of translation of the news is given in blog section
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Thanks for this Vikash. is all about people. We provide a technology platform; our members, partners and viewers are the one who define Clearly our members and the world believes in peace and prosperity. We are glad that is able to bind the people of this world together. With Regards, Admin
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You’re welcome admin. True said. We are committed to use this platform for wellbeing and happiness.
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Nice coverage -
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Yes, Thanks to ETV-urdu
rice's picture ROCKS.!!!!!!!!!!!!
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God Bless You, this one really good. Keep going ..............!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for this kind words. I am happy you liked this video.
How Ifood.Tv Is Promoting Indo-Pak Relations Video, In E-tv Prime News Review