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Nectarine is a variety of peach that has a smooth skin with a deep red color. Though it is considered a cross between a peach and plum, this smooth skinned fruit actually belongs to the same family as peaches. Nectarines, like peaches need to be picked when ripe and do not require refrigeration. In fact, refrigerating the fruits can lessen their taste. Nectarine recipes include juices, jellies, preserves, fruit salads, jams, etc.

These fruits stay fresh for about 3 days maximum after being picked. A thin skin and firm flesh are the signs of a good nectarine.

History of Nectarines and Nectarine Recipes
Nectarine is believed to have existed much before its recorded mention in the year 1616. These fruits are native of central and eastern Asia, just like peaches. First mention of nectarines was made in the year 1720, were these fruits were first found in Virginia, America growing between the peach trees. However, it was officially introduced in the year 1906 by David Fairchild of Department of Agriculture.

Culinary Uses of Nectarine
Nectarine has many culinary uses. This delicious fruit can be canned as preserves and also made into jams, jellies, and used in ice creams, fruit salads, sorbet, cakes, etc. Though fresh nectarines and nectarine recipes do not stay long, they can be frozen to stay for a longer period.

Popular Nectarine Recipes
A number of nectarine recipes are popular for the sweetness and richness of the fruit. This fruit can be made into many delicious recipes. Some popular nectarine recipes are –

  • White Nectarine Sorbet with White Peach Ice cream – This delectable dessert is a combination of white peach ice cream and white nectarine sorbet. Both the combinations are made separately but served together in a bowl topped with peach and nectarine slices.
  • Nectarine Golden Cake – This dish is baked like any other regular cake at 350 degrees F in a springform pan. Nectarines add a lot of flavor to the cake.
  • Nectarine and Almond Crisp – As the name indicates, the main ingredients of this dish are almonds and nectarines. They are baked together with certain spices and apricot preserve. This bake can be served with an ice cream topping or even whipped cream.
  • Grilled Scallops and Nectarines with Corn and Tomato Salad – This summer salad is made with nectarines, scallops, corn and tomatoes as the main ingredients. They are tossed together with a dressing made of lemon juice base and basil puree. It is an excellent summer treat.
  • Nectarine red Wine Sauce – The main ingredients of this delicious recipe are nectarine and dry red wine. These ingredients are mixed along with citrus rinds, cinnamon and sugar. They are simmered together till the contents thicken. The sauce is then cooled and is ready to be served.

Nectarine Recipe Trivia
Nectarines can spoil even with the slightest damage, leaving bruises on the skin. Thereafter, the fruit spoils very fast.