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Mustard And Rice Vinegar Glazed Broiled Salmon

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I was just starting my first day at the Carnelian Room; a huge, busy kitchen at the top of the Bank of America Building in San Francisco. I was very young, and very nervous, and wanted my debut to go as smoothly as possible. Luckily I was assigned to the Fish Station, which was run by a very nice fellow named Phil. He told me that all he needed me to do was make the salmon for a banquet that night. He said it was a French/Asian style salmon dish made with Dijon and rice vinegar. I was told to "grill off" (mark on the grill, but not cook all the way) the salmon filets and get them set up on sheet pans. No problem. It took about an hour or so, but I did a nice job and they looked great with their perfect diamond shaped grill marks (10 and 2’oclock, for you Culinary students out there). Then he told me to make the glaze for the salmon. I asked him where the recipe was. He laughed and said there wasn't one. He was going to tell me, and I was going to remember it, or it would be my last night there. I was starting to sweat and pulled out my little note pad I always kept in my pocket (another tip for you cul students, always have a pen and paper) so I could write the recipe down. He said something to the effect of “put that f**king thing away!” He said if I couldn't remember this recipe then I had no place being in a kitchen. Then he said, take a quart of Dijon and mix it with a quart of rice vinegar, and brush it on the salmon. That was it; half Dijon, half vinegar. We both had a laugh and I realized this was a very mild rookie hazing I had just endured. Anyway, this simple two-ingredient combo is a really great salmon glaze. The sugar in the seasoned rice vinegar caramelizes under the broiler, and the sweet, salty vinegar works perfectly with the tangy mustard. While the original, circa 1988, only had two ingredients I've added a couple of optional things, some Sriracha hot sauce and a pinch of salt. Nowadays they call this fusion cuisine. Back then they called it a great way to make a young cook sweat! Enjoy.
For recipe ingredients, please refer to the video.

For recipe directions, please refer to the video.

Recipe Summary

Difficulty Level: 
Very Easy
Main Dish
Preparation Time: 
5 Minutes
Cook Time: 
8 Minutes
Ready In: 
13 Minutes
If you are on a high-protein diet like Atkins or a beach diet then this is the perfect recipe for you. I love salmon but run out of healthy and low calorie ways to cook it. All you need is 5 minutes in the kitchen to make this salmon dish and so you can spend the evening with your family or relax when you get home from work instead of slogging in the kitchen to make a healthy meal. I serve it with a green tossed salad. Its delicious.

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Mustard And Rice Vinegar Glazed Broiled Salmon Recipe Video