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Wild Mushroom

Wild Mushrooms are mushrooms that are not cultivated and grow randomly. Some varieties of wild mushrooms are edible while others have medicinal properties. Care has to be taken while judging whether a wild mushroom is edible or not since a wrong decision can prove fatal. It has been found that many communities and tribes around the world have been consuming wild mushrooms for ages.

Some Edible Wild Mushrooms
Some Edible Wild Mushrooms are being cultivated while others are difficult to cultivate. Few examples of the edible variety of wild mushrooms are: Boletus, Chanterelle, Blewitt, Truffle family, etc. Use of wild mushrooms can be seen a lot in the Chinese and Japanese cuisines.

Cooking Wild Mushrooms
Wild mushrooms need to be washed and cooked completely before consumption. They being wild do have some toxins which can be harmful for the human body, thus most wild mushroom recipes call for precooking of mushrooms. Most wild mushrooms are available dry and seldom are they sold fresh. Like the edible cultivated farm variety mushrooms, wild mushrooms too are treated in a similar manner in any recipe. They can be baked, sautéed, pan fried or roasted.