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Fried Mushroom

Fried mushroom refers to any variety of mushroom that has been sautéed with other ingredients or stir-fried or deep-fried, often after dipping in a thick batter. Mushrooms are commonly referred to as the meat of the vegetarian world. They have commonly been used in cooking since the ancient times and several varieties of mushrooms are cooked in different parts of the world.


Ideally, choose mushrooms that are firm and evenly colored with no discoloration on the caps for cooking. If the gills are showing, then the mushroom is probably past its prime. All the mushrooms that appear soft and discolored should be discarded. Any variety of edible mushroom may be used to make the dish. The most commonly used mushrooms for deep frying include common mushroom, button mushroom, white mushroom, table mushroom, crimini mushroom, Swiss brown mushroom, Roman brown mushroom, Italian mushroom, cultivated mushroom and the portobello mushroom. Most of them are available in fresh form and they have to be cleaned well to remove all dirt and grit before cooking. Dried mushrooms like shitake have to be soaked in hot water before being stir-fried. Canned mushrooms require a rinse to remove the salt from the surface before being cooked.

Cooking Method

Mushrooms can be deep fried in a deep fryer or a fry daddy. They can be stir fried in hot oil in a large wok or they can be sautéed in a pan with other ingredients. Ideally, frying at a high temperature in a deep fryer results in a crispy mushroom while stir frying or pan frying results in a semi-soft fried mushroom.

Popular Recipe Variations

  1. Deep fried mushrooms- Button mushrooms are dipped into a batter made from buttermilk, salt, flour and baking powder. The mushrooms are deep fried and served immediately with Ranch dip. Any variety of mushrooms may be deep-fried in this same method.
  2. Spicy stir fried mushrooms- Onion, ginger, garlic are stir fried and mushrooms are added to the hot wok to stir fry on high heat. Chilly sauce, chicken stock and salt are added.
  3. Breaded deep fried mushrooms- Mushrooms are dipped into egg and breadcrumbs and deep fried to make mushroom fritters.
  4. Salt and pepper crisp fried mushrooms- Crisp frying is a very popular Cantonese method of frying mushrooms. Wheat flour, cornstarch, water and egg white are mixed together to make the batter. The mushrooms are dipped into the batter and deep fried. These fried mushrooms are then covered with a roasted Sichuan pepper, dry chili and coarse sea salt mixture and served immediately.


Mushrooms soak in a lot of water. It’s not advisable to soak fresh mushrooms. It is also necessary to adjust the salt during the cooking process as fresh mushrooms release a lot of water.