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Cortinarius Violaceus

Cortinarius violaceus, commonly called Violet cort or violet webcap, is a dark colored edible mushroom with a deep violet cap, which is found in deciduous forests amongst oak, beech and birch trees during the latter part of summer of early autumn. The taste of the mushroom is mild, and a nutty aroma of cedar wood can be found in them. They are found in Europe, North America, Central America, Australia, Japan and New Zealand. Their color is sometimes so dark that it appears black and is difficult to distinguish in the forest. These mushrooms are known more for their visible appeal rather than their taste.

Culinary Uses

The mushroom can be cooked by sautéing, boiling or stewing for preparation of soups, stews and stir fries. Some mushroom experts advise not to consume Cortinarius violaceus as all Cortinarius mushrooms contain some toxins.

Popular Recipes

  • Mushroom Soup: Cortinarius violaceus mushrooms can be cooked by sautéing and/or simmering with other ingredients like onions, ginger, flavoring herbs and broth to prepare mushroom soup.

  • Fillings and Stuffings: The mushrooms can be sautéed with onions and garlic and mixed with ingredients like ground meat and cheese to make fillings for various dishes.

Nutritional Information

Cortinarius violaceus mushrooms are a low calorie, low sodium food option with zero fat and cholesterol, and a good source of essential nutrients. Their consumption hence assists in weight loss as well as in blood glucose regulation for diabetics.


Olympic National Park and Mount Rainer National Park are areas where Cortinarius violaceus is found commonly in America.