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Bourbon Highball

Bourbon highball is bourbon based drink, and is considered to be a rich American cocktail, which is highly refined and simple. Bourbon highball drink is regarded as highly appropriate for social functions and occasions. The drink is enjoyed by people at various places like bar, soccer match, country club, softball game and even at home. Thus, it can be said that the Bourbon Highball is an amazing anytime drink, which can be enjoyed anywhere.

Bourbon Highball Drink – Ingredients

The ingredients required for preparing Bourbon Highball include bourbon whisky, soda water, lemon twist, ice and lemon slice.

Bourbon Highball Drink – Preparation

Preparing Bourbon Highball is very simple. Highball glass containing ice cubes is taken; bourbon whisky is poured over ice cubes in the glass; lemon twist is added; and the glass is then filled with soda water. Ginger ale can also be used in place of soda water. Lemon slice is used for garnishing the drink, where it is placed on rim of the glass, and the drink is served chilled.

Bourbon Highball Trivia

  • Lemon juice can be added to the drink for extra citrus flavor.

  • A sweeter version of the drink involves use of ginger ale in place of soda water in the recipe.

  • It is recommended to drink Bourbon Highball in moderation.

  • Driving should be avoided after drinking it.