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Bloody Brain

Bloody brain is a cocktail, which is made by using vodka shots, grenadine and Irish cream. This beverage is famous in Halloween parties and is relished by people for its extraordinarily marvelous flavor. This cocktail can be served to anyone all around the globe along with some complementary snacks and the drink is well suited for everyone. However, the bloody brain should be prepared at bars by freezing the martini glasses in the freezer before filling it with the drink. People tend to feel highly hallucinated and excited after consuming the cocktail as it contains high percentage of alcohol.

Ingredients and Method of Preparing Bloody Brain Cocktail

The basic ingredients are strawberry vodka, limejuice, Irish cream and splash of grenadine in a traditional bloody brain recipe. For this beverage, chilled vodka is used to get the extra smoothness, limejuice is added to a cocktail shaker, and is shaken and strained into a shot or a martini glass. A straw is used for dipping a blob of Irish cream in the glass and once the straw is submerged, then a finger is put on the top of the straw so that it is fixed in between the blobs of cream. The straw tip is dipped in the vodka and then the finger is released slowly. Due to the added limejuice, the cream will curdle and strands of it will be formed which will give the brain appearance to the drink as the name suggests. A dash of grenadine is added to give the bloody brain cocktail a bloody color.

Serving Bloody Brain

Bloody brain is traditionally served by adding grenadine on top so that the drink gets a bloody appearance and it is served chilled but no ice cubes are added however, a chilled in martini glasses in the freezer prior to serving. The crushed ice cubes are added in the process of shaking the ingredients and it is served in Halloween parties so that people can enjoy. The bloody brain cocktail is ready to be served once the Irish cream curdles and form brains throughout the drink.

Some Health Facts Related toBloody Brain

This scrumptious cocktail is a feast to the taste buds but care should be taken as to avoid over consumption of this drink as it may lead to hangover and ultimately to excess ecstasy and hallucination. Bloody brain has high content of alcohol, which is not good for health and should be avoided by people but it can be consumed occasionally in small amounts. After consuming bloody brain cocktail, people should avoid driving and high doses of alcohol can drastically affect the liver and its conjugate organs.