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Snack Mix

Snack mix is a type of snack food which is a mixture of different ingredients. It may or may not be seasoned depending on individual preference. Ingredients like peanuts, jelly beans, raisins, candied fruits, breakfast cereals, chocolate chips, etc are used. It is a dry blend which comes in different flavors. The texture of the product is dependent on the ingredients used. It is considered as an ideal snack food during picnics and hikes.

Snack mix is further categorized into bridge mix, cereal mix and trail mix.

Types of snack mix

Bridge mix

Bridge mix, also called as grand slam mix is a mixture of nuts, fruit and crème fillings covered in chocolate. Nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, etc are used. Dried fruits like apricots, risins, sultanas, candied fruits like pineapple, cherry, strawberry are used. Butter cream filling is the most commonly used creme filling. It is manufactured by Brach’s and Hershey’s chocolate company.

Cereal mix

Cereal mix is a type of snack mix which is an assorted mix of breakfast cereals. Cereals, chips, pretzels, breadsticks, etc are mixed together and seasoned. It is either sweet or salted. Popular flavors are caramel, chocolate, cheddar, barbeque, peanut butter.

Trail mix

Trail mix is a snack mix made using dried fruits, candied fruits, nuts and even chocolate. It may even contain granola. It is called scrogging or schmogle in New Zealand.

Ingredients and Preparation

Commonly used ingredients include nuts like almonds, cashew, peanuts, macadamia, pecans, etc. Dried and candied fruits like cranberries, apricots, raisins, orange peel, apples, pineapple are also used. Chocolate chips, M & M’s, carob chips, breakfast cereals like muesli, granola, pretzels are also added. Seeds of pumpkins and sunflower are used as they are very nutritious. Seldom, small bite-sized marshmallow are also added to the mix.

Snack mix is made by simply blending the ingredients as per one’s choice. It may or may not be seasoned with ingredients like salt, pepper, caramel, cheese powder, etc.


· Snack mix is served as a midday snack. It also makes a good tiffin snack.

· It is also consumed as a hiking snack.

Health and Nutrition Facts

Snack mix – Trail mix

Serving size – 150 g

Calories – 693 cal, Fat – 44 g, Saturated fat – 8 g, Sodium – 343 mg, Total carbohydrate – 67 g, Protein – 21 g

· Snack mix is high in calories, Fat and protein. It is not recommended as a regular snack food. It is good for consuming when instant energy is needed. Especially when hiking and trekking.

· It can be consumed in smaller quantities for mid meal snacking.

· It should be avoided by people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Miscellaneous Facts

· Candy companies like Hershey’s , Brach’s manufacture chocolate-coated snack mixes.

· Planters, ocean spray, munchies manufacture trail mix kind of snack mixes.