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Toned Milk

Toned milk, which is also known by the name of single toned milk, is the preparation that is obtained by mixing whole milk with water and skim milk. A heart-friendly milk which is available widely in almost all the countries, in India, this milk is a popularly consumed beverage popular for its health-related benefits. Among several types of milk available such as full cream milk, skimmed milk, cow milk, buffalo milk etc., toned organic milk is regarded to be highly beneficial for heart patients.

Toned Milk Variations

This milk is basically available in two different types viz:

  • Single toned- in this type of milk, water and powder of skim milk are added to buffalo’s whole milk. This milk should ideally contain 3% of fat and 8.5% of solids not fat.

  • Double toned- this milk type is also a blend of water, buffalo’s whole milk and powder of skim milk. However, in this milk the fat content has a minimum value of 1.5%. However, solids not fat is kept at 9% ideally.

Among both the varieties of milk, double toned is best for heart patients as it has lesser fat content.

Nutrition Facts about Toned Milk

This milk is enriched with several vital nutrients like calcium, vitamin A & D, potassium, protein and magnesium, hence making it a healthy drink for human consumption.

Toned Milk Benefits

Some of the well-known health related benefits of this type of milk are briefly discussed hereunder:

  • Drinking a glass of toned (single toned or double toned) milk every day is very good for heart patients and helps in preventing stroke in the long run. The functioning of the cardiovascular system would be improved with the aid of intake of this heart friendly drink.

  • The risk of being affected by kidney diseases gets lowered down due to consumption of this milk and helps in keeping the kidneys function optimally in the long run.

  • Drinking this milk regularly or eating yogurt made up of this milk also assists in preventing the problem of elevated blood pressure.

  • The risk of being affected by breast cancer in case of pre-menopausal women gets lowered down due to consumption of this milk regularly.

  • This low fat milk helps in preventing acne, which may occur in the form of pimples, freckles and cysts on the skin.

  • The organic milk further helps in preventing skin inflammation and itching, the risk of being affected by eczema being reduced due to intake of toned milk.