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Raw Milk

Raw milk is a form of milk which has not been homogenized or pasteurized. It can be obtained from any milk giving animal – cow, goat, sheep, camel or donkeys. This milk is untreated and not at all cooked. It is obtained directly from the animal. This milk tastes much better than the pasteurised milk because of its freshness. It is also much creamier than any bottled milk. It also contains certain important nutrients which are required by our body. These nutrients get destroyed when the milk is treated. Another quality of this milk recipe is that the milk does not get spoilt but gradually turns sour. Although beneficial, acquiring this milk is legal in some countries whereas in some other it is absolutely banned. In Australia the Government does not give permission to buy or sell any kind of milk whereas in Asia it is available in abundance.

History of Raw Milk Recipes

Since the beginning of human civilization milk was acquired and drunk in its raw form. It was only in the 1860s that raw milk was considered to be harmful and thus it was treated before drinking.

Cuisines Using Un-homogenized Milk

This milk is still used in many cuisines. In Indian cuisine un-homogenized milk plays a special part as it is not only used to make some regular dishes but also used to make special dishes for occasions.

Popular Recipes of the Milk

  • This milk needs to be used very carefully while making a dish. It is used to make smoothies but cannot be put in the blender. The other ingredients need to be pureed first and then the milk needs to be stirred in.
  • Raw milk is also used to make ‘nabanna’. Here nine kinds of fruits and vegetables are mixed with this milk and jaggery to make a delicious sweet dish.
  • Another sweet dish made during occasions where the milk is used is ‘sinni’.
  • Apart from these, this milk is also used to make rice pudding.
  • This milk can yield delicious cheeses which are quite popular in France.

Nutritive Value of Raw Milk Recipes

The major part of this milk is water. However it contains some very important vitamins and minerals. It contains enzymes, some beneficial bacteria, vitamin B12 and B6. Raw milk is considered to be a boon for those who have lactose intolerance as consumption of this milk does not lead to any kind of rashes, allergies or cramps.

Buying/Storing Tips of the Milk

The milk can be bought fresh directly from the farmer. The milk needs to be stored in cold temperature as soon as it comes from the cow. The milk also needs to be kept in a clean container which allows it to remain fresh for nearly two weeks.

Non- Food Uses of the Milk

Apart from drinking and preparing foods, raw milk has many other uses. It is applied over face and hair to get rid of many skin and hair problems. Regular use of the milk on acne is believed to control its growth.