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Malted Milk

Malted milk is a ready to mix soluble powder made from a mixture of malted barley, whole milk and wheat flour. All these ingredients are evaporated till they turn to powder. This powder makes a wonderful malt drink when hot water is added and mixed well to dissolve the contents. This kind of malt powder is available in two forms such as diastatic and nondiastatic. The nondiastatic malt powder usually contains certain additives and sugar along with coloring agents, which adds flavor and sweetens beverages. Owned and marketed by James Horlick and his brother, this malt powder was first marketed under the brand name “Diastoid”, which later changed to ‘Malted Milk’, popularly known by the brand name Horlicks today. This drink is among the most delicious malt drinks of America.

Preparation of Malted Beverage

Dried whole milk, malted barley and wheat flour are the main ingredients of Malted milk powder (which also contains sugar and additives). Once dried, they are powdered fine and the malt is ready to be used. Since, whole milk (in the dried form) is already present in the powder, it is not necessary to use the same again while preparing the beverage, instead boiling water is sufficient. However, if one wishes for more milk content in the drink, a little can be added. `

Malted Milk Benefits

Malt drinks of any kind are believed to have many health benefits and this is applicable even to milk that is made with malted powder.

  • Though they are no clear studies about the direct connection of malted milk with being able to sleep well, since it is known to stop hunger pangs for long periods, this hot drink is believed to help insomniacs sleep well.
  • Malt milk is easy to digest, hence ideal for people recovering from sickness.
  • This is a quick energy drink because of the natural sugar present.
  • This drink works as a blood fortifier, because of the high iron content present.
  • Because of the barley (malted), whole milk and wheat flour, the nutritional value of this malt drink is quite good; moreover, it is easily digested, hence, advised during recuperation, pregnancy and even to kids and old alike.

Popular Uses of Malt Milk Powder

Considered as one of the most nourishing drinks, malted milk benefits in the food industry are many.

Some popular uses of this malt powder are –

  • The malt powder is light in weight and does not spoil easily, when in the dry form. Hence, a lot of people prefer carrying the powder when on long trips, especially on treks.
  • It can be added to ice creams for flavoring and as a topping on sundaes
  • It can be added to biscuits & milkshakes
  • Used in milk balls and also candy confections such as Whoppers and Maltese, which are manufactured by Hershey’s and Mars Inc., respectively
  • Used in homemade bagels
  • Used for making a hot beverage

Malted Milk Drink – Trivia

The taste and nutritional content of many foods gets enhanced when malted milk is added to them, thus making it ideal to be given to fussy kids, who are otherwise small eaters.