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Caramel Milk

Caramel milk is also commonly known as Manjar Blanco, Cajeta, Dulce de Leche and Caramel Cream. It is a sweet dish, which is thick in consistency and has a brown tinge in its appearance. It is often used as topping over other dishes but can also be consumed all by itself. The main ingredients in a typical caramel milk recipe are brown sugar and milk. It is greatly relished after meals to neutralize all the spicy and tangy foods eaten prior to it. It is a high-energy drink and people of all age enjoy gulping it down there throats. The preparation is quite easy and takes about five minutes to prepare. Several variations can be brought about in the caramel milk by simply adding additional flavors like cardamom powder, saffron, nuts, etc. or steaming it to form a pudding. The dish is made by two simple processes namely caramelization and Maillard reaction.


The first caramel milk recipe originated from Argentina. It is also debated that it had first come into existence in Uruguay. Today, caramel milk is prepared everywhere throughout the globe and is known by different names in different places with a unique variation into the traditional recipe.

Ingredients and Method of Preparation as per Caramel Milk Recipe

The prime ingredients in making caramel milk are brown sugar, vanilla essence and milk. The recipe is best prepared in a microwave oven rather than on stove. The initial step in preparing a typical caramel milk recipe is to preheat the oven at high power. Following this, the milk is poured into a microwave proof glass bowl (borosil bowl) and is warmed for about two minutes or so. Then, the heated milk is poured into tall glasses and brown sugar is stirred into each glass.

Variations of Caramel Milk Recipe

Many variations can be brought in this recipe by changing the flavor or by enriching it with dry fruits like raisins and almonds. A major variant can be prepared by simply thickening the caramel milk to produce a creamy consistency. This is done by gradually caramelizing the brown sugar and milk over low flame for a long time. To make the recipe simpler, condensed milk can also be used. The caramel milk can also be set by beating in eggs to form a pudding and decorating it with jam and nuts.

Serving Caramel Milk

The recipe can be served hot as an energy-drink or can be thickened to be used as dressing for other dishes. It can be topped on muffins, cookies, pancakes, ice creams and toasts. The caramel milk recipe can be garnished with finely chopped dry fruits or can be accompanied with a plate full of fresh fruits. The liquid caramel milk is best served in tall hurricane glasses by usually decorating the rim with brown sugar and filling the bottom with chocolate sauce.

Some Health Facts Related to Caramel Milk

This delectable drink is a high calorific value and is rich is fat content. Other nutritive values present in this recipe are proteins and calcium. People with a sweet tongue can hardly resist this delicacy. Children often prefer this over plain milk but care should be taken that it is not consumed regularly. People suffering from obesity, hypertension and heart disorders should avoid high intake of the caramel milk.