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Banana Milk

Banana milk as the name suggests is a drink made with bananas and milk. It is also popularly known as Banana Shake. This drink can be flavored with vanilla essence and topped with cinnamon powder or cardamom powder. It can be sweetened with sugar or honey, if desired. Considered to be a very nutritious drink, it is usually served chilled during summer due to its refreshing properties. The drink is very popular in Korea and Japan. Rich in various nutrients, this drink is ideal for all age groups because of its innumerable benefits. Though served as a snack drink, it is ideal as a breakfast drink. The drink can further be fortified with various other flavors such as strawberry and chocolate.

Banana Milk Benefits

Counted among the healthy drinks, banana milk is easily digested while providing many nutrients to the body. There are some wonderful health benefits to this drink –

  • It can be added to cereals, cooked oatmeal and cream of wheat. This not only adds taste, but also enhances the nutritional value.
  • It works wonders in helping reduce muscle cramps after exercise because of the high amounts of potassium present in the bananas; hence, ideal for athletes.
  • The high content of fiber in the bananas works as a laxative; thus helping good bowel movement.
  • The cinnamon and cardamom flavoring on the drink not only add flavor, but are rich in antioxidants as well.

Banana Shake – Ingredients Used and Preparation

Bananas and milk are the main ingredients required to prepare Banana milk. Both the ingredients are blended well in a blender with a little sugar, if required. Vanilla essence is added, which is again a matter of choice. The blended banana shake is poured over ice, to give the drink a chilled feel. Cinnamon powder or cardamom powder sprinkled on the drink adds flavor.

In case of non-availability of a blender, ripe bananas can be mashed with a fork or potato masher, to which milk is gradually added and blended well.

Similarly, even a sieve, food mill and ricer too can be used for mashing the bananas.

Banana Shake - Nutritional Value

Both the main ingredients of banana milk are very nutritious making it ideal for all age groups, which can be consumed at all times. While bananas are a very rich source of minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron, calcium, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and vitamins such as A, B6, etc., milk is a rich source of calcium and vitamins such as A.

Banana Milk Benefits – Myth or Reality?

It is believed that milk shake made with bananas is fattening, hence not advised to people who are watching their weight. All this is just a myth and nothing else. In fact, banana milk ranks among the healthiest and nourishing drinks, as neither bananas nor the milk (low fat) contain much fat.