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Enhanced Goat Milk to Fight Diarrhea

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Scientists are finding new and natural ways to fight diarrhea it seems.

This preventive measure and potential cure promises relief from diarrhea to stricken infants in both modern and remote areas of the globe. And this new breakthrough is actually milk from genetically engineered goats.

These goats have been engineered by the addition of a human gene into them which causes them to produce high concentration of the enzyme lisozyme that fights diarrhea.

Normal goat’s milk 68% of the lysozyme content as human milk itself and the enhanced milk is supposed to have twice that amount of the diarrhea fighting enzyme.

Scientists are now working in collaboration with researchers in Brazil to produce genetically enhanced herds in Brazil that can produce this life saving milk; as infant mortality is very high in parts of Brazil. More than 5% of the children there die before the age of five.

The research has so far yielded positive response on animals (pigs). Human trails are set to begin in five years from now. If things go right, we will have spray dried milk that will be packaged and made available worldwide and even herds of the ‘super goats’ to provide fresh milk to regions where dry milk cannot be made available.

It seems finally something good can come out of cruelty free genetic engineering, though the term ‘super goat’ pigs drinking goat milk made me giggle!!

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Enhanced Goat Milk To Fight Diarrhea