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Health Facts About MilkHow many of us are aware about health facts about milk? People love drinking milk especially in the morning time and night before bedtime. It makes me feel strong as well as comfortable. Milk is a very nutritious drink which contains many good health facts. Come let’s discover some of the health facts about milk.

Milk contains a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate. Milk has many beneficial health nutrients which are quite essential for the human body and as such helps in the prevention of chronic ailments. Some of the advantages of drinking this drink are as follows:


Calcium Rich


Milk is the excellent source of calcium and therefore protects the body from many chronic diseases such as cancerous chemicals, migraine, obesity, arthritic condition and premenstrual syndrome. Milk is very rich in calcium which helps in the proper development of strong bone structure. Daily adequate of milk consumption can prevent the risk of osteoporosis. Milk also protects the enamel surface against acidic substances.




Milk is the best fluid for rehydration. Growing children as well as adults must drink 2-3 glasses of milk every day.


Cardiovascular Health


Milk helps in the prevention of many cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and heart attacks. As per the studies conducted in the US, people who drink milk three times more than those who does not drink milk has lesser chances of heart attacks.


Helps with Obesity


There is a myth that milk increases the weight. Milk contains calcium which helps you with calorie controlled diet. If you are still worried, you can opt for low-fat milk.


Acidity Reduction


Drinking milk also helps in reducing acidity.


There are many health benefits of milk and these are only the tip of the iceberg. Start drinking milk on daily basis in order to meet all the necessary benefits associated with it.


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Health Facts About Milk