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What Are The Uses Of Frozen Raw Milk

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 There are numerous uses of frozen raw milk. You can identify innumerable uses of frozen raw milk, which is directly obtained from cattle and is not pasteurized. Raw milk is rich in many nutrients. However, the shelf life of raw milk is short. One way to preserve raw milk is to boil it. But there are many who do not wish to boil and lose some nutrients. Let us have a look at the various ways of using frozen raw milk.

So, if there is excess raw milk, one can freeze it and use it later. Place raw milk in an air tight container to freeze it. Also, if the availability of raw milk in not quite easy, then it is better to freeze and store raw milk. Uses of frozen raw milk are included in many recipes. Many dairy products are made with frozen raw milk.

Frozen raw milk cna be used for up to three weeks. Freezing does not change the taste or nutritional value of raw milk. The enzymes and bacteria are active once you begin to thaw it.

if you are using frozen raw milk for cooking, then  remove it from the freezer and thaw it. Remember thawed raw milk has to be used within 24 hours. Thawed frozen raw milk is as nutritious as fresh milk.

Frozen raw milk may take the odors of strong foods stored along with in the freezer. For using frozen raw milk in cooking remove it from freezer and place it in the normal refrigerator. Then remove and thaw the milk. While thawing, the milk should be stirred occasionally to mix the butterfat in it.

Uses of frozen raw milk

  • Homemade cheese can be made using frozen raw milk. Many recipes that use raw milk, suggest using frozen raw milk as an alternative.
  • Uses of frozen milk include making smoothies. Thaw raw milk and use it to make your favorite smoothie.
  • Frozen raw milk can be used to make ice-creams also.
  • Frozen raw milk left outside will turn into sour milk.
  • Thawed uses of frozen raw milk include making curds and whey.
  • Frozen raw milk can be used to make kefir.
  • Among other uses of frozen raw milk is to make Chevre or goat milk cheese.

Uses of frozen raw milk are unlimited, if one would like to experiment the various forms of cultured milk and cheeses.

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What Are The Uses Of Frozen Raw Milk