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How To Use Buttermilk In Daily Cooking

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Buttermilk is popular since the middle ages. Buttermilk aids digestion and it is a very good source of vitamins and minerals. Use buttermilk as a great low-fat alternative to milk in preparing cakes, muffins and pancakes.

There is a misconception that buttermilk is high in fat content but the truth is that it has a low fat content of two percent. Buttermilk as the name may suggest, does not contain any butter. So using buttermilk is ideal for a low fat diet.

When churning cream into butter, the slightly sour liquid left over is buttermilk. These days, buttermilk is prepared by adding safe bacterial cultures to low-fat milk during manufacturing.

The friendly bacteria present in buttermilk are very helpful for digestive problems. It is also enriched with calcium, potassium, vitamin B12 and riboflavin.

We can use buttermilk as it is slightly acidic in taste and it has a thick consistency. Using buttermilk is a very good addition to breads, cakes, pancakes and biscuits because its acid content reacts with the raising agents in the mixture to create a light, airy textured product.

We can use buttermilk as a replacement for oil or mayonnaise to make creamy low-fat dressings for salads and vegetables.

Also use buttermilk as a marinade for meats and vegetables. In the Middle East, buttermilk is commonly used as a base for drinks and its most common application in the United States is as a coating for classic southern fried chicken.

Using buttermilk as a substitute for whole milk in several recipes, especially those with flavor profiles gives very good results.

We can use buttermilk to add softness to the food; the enzymes in buttermilk works as the gluten in flour.

We can use buttermilk as a base for sauces and marinades. Apart from adding flavor elements buttermilk also acts as a tenderizing agent for proteins. Enzymes and acid content of buttermilk causes the amino acids in protein to denature and uncoil, making the meat tender.

We can also use buttermilk in cold, sweetened dishes like ice cream and smoothies. Buttermilk in combination with yogurt adds richness to smoothies and ice cream. Buttermilk is also good for vegetable dips that traditionally use heavy cream.

Buttermilk has longer shelf life than other milks so we can store products made with buttermilk for longer time.

Buttermilk is sold in covered cartons in the dairy section of supermarkets and is quite inexpensive when compared to other milks.

Use buttermilk in your daily cooking and reap its benefits.

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How To Use Buttermilk In Daily Cooking