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Organic Milk Healthier Than Regular Milk

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Organic milk healthier than regular milk – suggest some of the study reports.

The scientists studied the fat contents of 22 brands of milk sold across Britain, and reached the conclusion that  organic milk healthier than  regular milk.  In a comparison between the organic milk v/s regular milk, the organic milk was found to be richer with 60 percent of polyunsaturated fatty acids which not only boost the heart and mind but the whole body in total. The quality of the milk brands subjected to the study was consistent throughout the study.  


It was believed that the animals at that farm were fed on high grass diet, which made organic milk healthier than the regular milk. The experts at Newcastle University studied about 22 brands of milk collected over 2 years and found that most of the regular brands were choked with fats and were rarely organic. When compared, experts could observe very less difference between the fat values of organic milk v/s regular milk, still organic milk was healthier than regular brand because it had more healthful fats. The alpha-linolenic acid was the main compound which made organic milk healthier than regular milk. It was found that the percentage of this omega-3 fat was about 57% higher in organic milk compared to the other milk brands. Other than that higher amounts of conjugated linolenic acid also made the organic milk healthier than the regular varieties.  The main difference that the scientists pointed out while comparing organic milk v/s regular milk was that the quality of regular milk was consistent. The study reports suggest that the expensive ones need not to be always healthy.

The study exposed some startling facts that may influence our buying decision in future. The scientists expressed that many of the popular brands that claimed to promote their brands as healthful and completely pasture grazed were in fact cooking facts. The milk quality analysis indicated that most of such so called healthy brands are in fact bred on intensive farms and had very low access to the grass and was mostly casted with lots of supplementation. Some of the so called reputed brands were also following the cheaper tricks of increasing the fats in the milk.  The researchers behind this great organic milk v/s regular milk divide indicate that they are not against the milk brands and their selling strategies instead they want to approach these brands and show them how to increase their yield for better. By releasing the study reports in favor of the fact that organic milk healthier than regular milk brand the scientists have also highlighted the eating habits of the farm bred cow. It is indicated that most of the farm bred cows are treated with fiber rich diet compared to the normal soya and cereal diet that dominates. But that doesn’t mean that organic milk varieties are full of fats instead they are only rich in healthful fats. Some of the previous studies have indicated that the organic milk healthier than the regular brands because they are high in various anti-oxidants, vitamins, and beta-carotene. 


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Organic Milk Healthier Than Regular Milk