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How To Make Whipping Cream With Milk

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Use whole milk to make whipping cream from milkHere is how you can make whipping cream from milk. The process is fairly simple and can be easily done at home. Whipping cream has so many uses and the decadent taste is to die for. Of course you need to remember not to go overboard with it as its slightly up there in the calorie content but can enhance the flavor of the dish tenfold.


Very few people know that the whipping cream we buy at the grocery stores is actually not the real thing. When you make it at home, you will immediately be able to tell the difference in taste. Dishes you make with homemade whipped cream are going to taste so much better that you will never want to use the store bought kind ever again, especially after I tell you that it does not take longer than 10 to 12 minutes to make it.


Making Whipped Cream from Scratch

Before we get into the details of making whipped cream, I would like to tell you about some of the things needed for this preparation.

  • Electric mixer (wire whisk will also suffice)
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Whole milk
  • Large mixing bowl
  • ½  a teaspoon of vanilla


Always use whole milk as it produces the most cream. If you leave it standing the fat rises to the top which is the cream of the milk. We will need a bowl of this cream from whole milk.  


It’s always a good idea to pop the electric mixer; beater, bowl and whisk into the freezer about fifteen minutes before you start working with them. Getting them cold and chilly will aid in producing feathery whipped cream.  In the meanwhile, pop the bowl of heavy cream in the fridge as well, it should not become warm.


Depending on what you feel more comfortable with, take the wire whisk or electric mixer and start whipping the bowl of cream. Use the medium-high setting if you are working with the electric mixer. The cream will slowly start to thicken; you can play around with flavors at this time and add what you like, for instance vanilla or cocoa. Always be careful to add these ingredients slowly and steadily and never all at once. Continue beating till you get it as voluminous as you’d like it.


If you are using the whipped cream for desserts then you can sweeten it while whipping. While it is getting thicker, add ½ a teaspoon of vanilla and 2 tbsp of sugar, don’t stop beating the cream till it gets fluffy.


For some variation you can even shave some dark or milk chocolate on the whipping cream or use sprinkles to make it look pretty.


So there you have it, how to make whipping cream with milk. As I promised, the process was fairly simple, barely took any time and the taste absolutely spectacular if you followed my instructions. Remember not to over indulge and have fun with it.


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How To Make Whipping Cream With Milk