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Almond Milk Sparks Supermarket Fight

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Move over cow’s milk, almond milk is the new dairy product on the block. The rising popularity of Almond Milk Has Sparked Supermarket Fight between two major milk brands Almond Breeze, from Blue Diamond Growers and Silk Pure Almond, from Dean Foods Company. Both the brands are battling it out to gain the maximum market share in the Almond Milk category.


The rise in the popularity of Almond milk could be attributed to the fact that since it is derived from non-dairy source, it can be had by people who are lactose intolerant or are allergic to dairy products. These people refrain from drinking the normal milk and prefer the non-dairy form of milk such as almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk, etc. Milk derived from hazelnuts and even hemp is gaining popularity.


Almond milk is derived from roasted almonds. Roasted almonds are crushed to make almond butter; it is then mixed with stabilizers, water, vitamins and some form of sweetener. This milk can be used like any other milk to make coffee, chocolate cake, and other milk based goods.


Another reason for the popularity of almond milk and hence almond milk fight is that it is low in calories as compared to other non-dairy milk forms. A cup of Silk pure almond milk contains just 60 calories whereas soy milk cup contains 130 calories. That’s a huge difference especially for someone who is on a diet program. Also soy milk contains estrogen-like chemicals, called phytoestrogens, prolonged use of which can cause breast cancer. Hence almond milk is also drawing consumers who drink soy milk regularly.


The advantage with almond milk is that the consumers are quite familiar with almonds and hence perceive the almond milk to be both healthy and tasty. The phenomenal increase in the sales of almond milk has two milk giants – Blue Diamond Growers and Dean Foods Company in a tug of war situation.

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Almond Milk Sparks Supermarket Fight