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What Is The Difference Between Organic Milk & Regular Milk

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The debate over organic milk & regular milk has been in progress for quite some time now with most people being a little skeptical about the increased benefits of the organic form. However, it is easy to be convinced once you get to know about the difference between organic & regular milk. While the organic food products are grown without the aid of chemical fertilizers and pesticides it will be difficult to understand what is the difference between organic milk & regular milk unless you know a little about it.


Let us first learn what organic milk & regular milk are individually before going on to elaborate on the difference between organic & regular milk.

  • Organic milk is the product obtained from cows which graze on natural grass. There is no spraying of harmful chemicals in the form of fertilizers or pesticides on the surface. The cattle is kept in a natural condition too with no artificial injections of hormones.

  • The difference between organic & regular milk becomes clearer when you look at the way the regular conventional milk is obtained. The cows are fed on fodder sprayed with chemicals while the animals themselves are often injected with hormones in order to increase the production of milk. The prime difference between organic milk & regular milk is thus the inclusion of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in the regular milk.

  • It is the naturally derived form that has an advantage when it comes to organic milk & regular milk as far as the shelf life is concerned. It is ultra pasteurized which makes it last considerably longer than the more easily available regular milk.

  • The point that goes in favor of the organic variety is the absence of antibiotics and pesticides that affect health. Almost all nutritional experts prefer the natural variety when it comes down to choosing between organic milk & regular milk. However, the regular milk also adheres to the governmental standards although the former gets the edge when it comes to health benefits between organic milk & regular milk.

  • The kind of farming methods implemented for organic food products including milk help in sustaining the environment which goes a long way in supporting the wild life as well.


The many benefits along with no disadvantages make the organic form desirable when it comes to exercising your option between organic milk & regular milk.





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