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Full Fat Milk May Lower Diabetes Risk

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According to latest scientific research, the full fat milk may lower diabetes risk. Till now, we had an idea that high-fat dairy food products might increase the diabetes risk. But, a group of scientists from Harvard School of Public Health has found a specific substance in full fat dairy products, which might help in diabetes risk reduction. This useful substance is known as trans-palmitoleic acid, which is a type of fatty acid and it really heightens up the benefits of full fat milk.


The study has revealed the fact that people having higher level of fatty acid in their blood were at a much lower risk of becoming diabetic, compared to the people having lower level of fatty acid. This helpful fatty acid also improved their cholesterol status by increasing the good cholesterol or HDL level. They were comparatively less resistant to insulin and had less amount of body fat.


The study was performed over 3,736 participants at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. It took almost 20 years to complete the research work. Throughout this period, researchers recorded the level of fatty acid in their blood. The participants were also tested for their total health status in a regular basis. The result of this test came out to be quite surprising, where participants with higher fatty acid level had around 60% less risk of being diabetic than the participants with lower fatty acid level.


However, more research works are required to confirm this outcome. Even the scientists are also suggesting not switching over to full fat dairy products immediately, as they need to perform more research works on this.  However, as per the lead researcher, Mr. Dariush Mozaffarian, MD, the result is quite satisfactory, “If nothing else, I think we have confirmed that there is something in dairy that reduces the risk of diabetes.” He also added that “Either it is this fatty acid or something associated with it that we have not identified. It would be highly implausible that the relationship we saw is due to something unrelated to dairy.”


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Full Fat Milk May Lower Diabetes Risk