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How to make homemade whipped cream with milk?

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homemade whipped cream with milk

For people who keep a close eye on their calorie-intake, making homemade whipped cream with milk is a great option for them. This not only reduces your calorie intake drastically, but also does not deprive you from the small pleasures of eating good food. Read on for the instructions...




Ingredients required to whip milk

  1. Low fat Homogenized milk 
  2. Cream of Tartar 1tsp for every cup of milk (optional)
  3. Unflavored gelatin 1/2 tbsp for every cup of milk
  4. Castor Sugar 
  5. Vanillar essence



Steps to prepare whipped cream from milk

  1. Pour milk in non-stick pan and cook it over low flame until the milk reduces to half its volume. Keep stirring the milk to prevent it from scorching.

  2.  Meanwhile, keep the gelatin ready. For this sprinkle, the crystals over cold water and let the mixture stand until the gelatin absorbs all water. 

  3. Once the milk is ready, remove from flame; add the gelatin water mixture along with sugar and vanilla essence. Stir to dissolve all ingredients into the milk.

  4. Chill the milk in a deep freezer for 90 mins or until the milk starts forming crystals but is still liquid. 

  5. To ensure a smooth texture, whisk the milk every 5 or 10 mins, this will prevent formation of gelatin lumps. 

  6. Once the milk is sufficiently chilled, place it in an ice bath and beat with a high-speed electric mixer. Beat until enough air is incorporated and you find soft peaks forming. 


Extra Tips

  • If you find milk is not getting aerated enough, try adding 1/2 to 1 tsp of cream of tartar to the chilled milk mixture. 

  • When beating the milk, ensure that the temperature of the milk mixture is constantly kept low. Frequently replenish the ice bath if needed. Working in a chilled room helps. 

  • Cooking the milk is an important step in the whole process. If the milk is not reduced enough, air will not be sufficiently incorporated into the milk. 


Note: Unlike traditional whipped cream, the low fat whipped cream less stable. Hence, use it as soon as possible. 


Thus, healthy food need not be tasteless, boring, un-gratifying dishes. You can always come up with interesting options like these that add great satisfaction to your taste buds, yet no guilt to your conscience.


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How To Make Homemade Whipped Cream With Milk?