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Importance of MILK.

at present days There are different type ,flavour,and colour of squashes a re available in market these days.Even then mostly peoples like the drink based on milk. They knows very well the Milk is not only nutritions its also fills calcium requirement of our body. Calcium makes new tissues in our body and keep our body very strong. According to a report of “WHO ( World Health Organization ) ,we must take a glass of milk daily for a healthy body. Milk is full of vitamins and minerals to secure our future and health. These vitamins and minerals keeps us energetic and active in this busiest life schedule. Specially, milk is the best supliment for the ladies who are entering stage of manupass . In this age most of the ladies faced calcium deficiency ,its cuase of “OSTOPROSIS”. So, at least a glass of milk daily protect them from to those desease. These days differet type of milk available in the market. Fresh milk are available in the milk shops. But few doctors suggested “ Tetra pack” is the better than fresh milk on hygienic ground. Few peoples knows this fact that goat milk is more nutritious, but it is not available commonly in the markets.


There are precautions before use the milk.
(1) - Boil the milk very well before it used.
(2) - Boli milk at high tempratupre it will bettre.
(3) - Don'nt use milk with cusine of fish its will be cause of skin desease.
(4) - Don'nt use copper pan to keep in milk the milk creat few poison or bad factor in milk.

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Importance Of MILK.