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The Perfect 10 and Raw Milk

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Today's Run: 10.09m
Run Time: 2:08:47 (12:46 minutes per mile)
Total Miles to Date: 666.7m

Thoughts on the Run:

10 miles or 16 kilometers. That's 52,800 feet, 633,600 inches, or 1,609,344 centimeters.


What a run. It was a perfect 10. Not because I ran it fast or perfect, but because it was the perfect run for me.

My intention was to run tomorrow. However, I know that following a long run with a fast run is not the best idea ... I always do better following a fast run with the long run and not the other way around. Plus, with tomorrow being a holiday, I wanted to relax. I finished my yard work and realized the temperature had dropped, it felt great, and there was a cool breeze. I was already warmed up and instead of cleaning up, I could just get my run over with and completely relax tomorrow. So, guess what I did?

I purchased 32 oz of Gatorade Endurance (the type with high sodium) and put this in three insulated bottles with crushed ice. I threw a PowerGel in my fanny pack. I hit the road and realized right away this would be a different run. I purposefully kept my pace slow and easy. Typically I go out pushing too hard and finish the first few miles in 9 or 10 minutes, then quickly run out of steam. This time I held back and ran at more of an 11 - 12 minute pace.

My goal was simply to find a pace that I could keep consistently. I'd slow down going up hills but not go too crazy going down them. My strategy of sipping every few minutes rather than taking bigger drinks again worked in my favor and I had no bad cramping or pains like I did on my previous runs last year.

I knocked out the first and second miles. Usually by this point I'd be wiped out and walking the hills, but I still had lots of strength and was making it up them with no problem. Sure, I was going slow, but not having to stop and walk.

I didn't post my last workout which was a faster run on the treadmill, but I noticed I'm definitely getting into better shape. I'm feeling the fitness level because I can maintain the pace and don't feel as "wiped out" in the end. This carried over to my run today and it felt good.

I continued to drink every few minutes. The insulated bottles were terrific ... it was nice to be able to have cold drinks out on the run. I managed to push through half of the run and at 5 miles started getting dizzy on a hill so I stopped and walked it.

I recovered by the top, then picked up the pace on the way down. I turned the corner and pushed up another hill to our library. I decided to stop in there. I had my PowerGel, filled my empty bottles with cold water (I was getting tired of the sweet flavor of the sports drink, so I wanted some plain water). I kept one bottle to drink. I stepped outside, took off my bandana, and poured the other bottle over my head. It was very refreshing. This put some "pep" in my step and I was able to push at a solid pace to the top of another hill and then run a loop on a local track.

Now I was 7 1/2 miles into the run and heading home. On a long downhill, my left knee started complaining so I shorted my stride and focusing on an even footfall (sometimes when I'm tired I pound down too hard and that is what causes the knee pain). I struggled to go up another hill and walked for awhile but then it was steady the rest of the way back home.

Overall I felt stronger on this run and knew I would finish solid. I came home and filled the garden tub with cold, cold water. It was refreshing and cooled me off quickly.

Then it was to the grill to cook my famous burgers. We use lean beef. I'd like to share the spices and sauces I put in the meat, but it's a carefully guarded secret (LOL). I can share that I put the extremely hot sauce in only my burger, and did not put any red pepper in my daughter's burger. I mix the spices before cooking, roll them into firm balls, then place on a hot grill and flatten them. I like to sear both sides and then turn off the heat and let them simmer to finish cooking.

The weather is much cooler so we ate outside and enjoyed the cool breeze. It was the end of a great day ... and the best news? The two hours of pounding the pavement is over and done, so I can focus on my relaxation tomorrow!

I am very grateful to Daniel's Window for giving me permission to use their music in the latest video I put together. It is a collage of training for and at a charity event I attended in the year 2000, when we raised thousands of dollars for the Make-A-Wish foundation by lifting weight. The video is just under five minutes and you can view it here.

For those of you who understand that dairy isn't the "end all, be all" the billion dollar advertising campaign claims it to be, there's good news. Unfortunately people still think those ads have their best interest at heart and that milk is the only way to get calcium and lose weight. Of course the government has an interest to sell milk due to the Farm Bill (if you're not familiar with this bill, it's important to learn about it because it allocates literally billions of your tax dollars).

I'm not anti-dairy, but I'm against people being misinformed. Few people realize they can get all the calcium they need through vegetables, nuts, and seeds, or that milk itself may be weakening their immune system even if they don't have full allergies. The rounded faces most people have could be linked with milk, as I've had numerous clients see their faces lean down and their misdiagnosed "allergies" go away once they cut dairy from their menu.

What's interesting is the debate over raw milk. There is a prevalent belief that the pasteurization and homogenization processes destroy nutrients and healthy bacteria and that the threat of harmful bacteria is far smaller than most have been led to believe. I'm not here to take sides, but direct you to some informative articles over at the New York Times and the Washington Post.

While the Dairy Council cancel was excited to release their research that milk will help you lose weight (which seems odd since so many Americans drink milk and obesity rates are climbing) the Almond Board of California countered that eating almonds causes weight loss as well. I'm all for almonds as a healthy fat but I do believe it will take more than their addition to your lunch box to help you release extra pounds.

If you click on this Wall Street Journal article you'll only get to see a snippet if you aren't a subscriber. However, it's enough to drive the point home: "The page-one article on bariatric surgery (To Heal Diabetes, Doctors Push Weight-Loss Surgery, Aug. 22) highlights a truth known for years: Weight loss mitigates, and in some instances cures, Type 2 diabetes." I'm glad it's finally getting out there that lifestyle changes can and do make a difference. I believe Type 2 Diabetes is the single most curable disease in the U.S. today because it is almost entirely linked to poor nutrition habits, mainly the glycemic stress and insulin resistance developed over time from a diet full of rapidly digesting and highly processed carbohydrates. Unfortunately, many parents still think the appropriate way to reward a child is with candy so they create the pattern of "to feel good, shoot my blood sugar through the roof."

We've been guilty of this as well and focus on finding other ways to reward, such as field trips or gifts of books and other ways that don't involve making a connection between reward/success and sugar.

Here's a great article on how to work with your child to help them lose weight. We don't want to create a focus on the weight or cause a child to feel bad ... too much stress can backfire and create a distorted self image. I really enjoyed this article because it shares some common elements of programs that children used to successfully lose weight.

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough for one day. It's been a busy day for me, so it's time to relax and enjoy a date with my wife and daughter. Take care and have a lovely weekend,

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The Perfect 10 And Raw Milk