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Rice Milk

Rice milk is a substitute for animal milk. It is not literally milk but the liquid obtained from rice grain. It is grain milk and is suitable for vegans and also people with lactose intolerance.

This grain milk is white in colour and as it resembles milk is referred as the same. It can be obtained from both white rice and brown rice but the grains need to be short. The rice drink is unsweetened and is rich in nutrients.

History of Rice milk recipes

It is not known when actually rice milk got invented and when people started drinking it. But it has been a popular drink since its invention and is savoured by many. It is available all around the world.

Types of Rice drink

There can be many types of rice milk. The first variation happens between the milk derived from white rice or brown rice. There is also different flavoured rice milk available in the market. Usually vanilla is a popular flavour but chocolate is also preferred, mainly by children. Rice drink is usually unsweetened but before selling sometimes syrups, sugar or sugarcane juice is also added to it.

Cuisines Using Rice Milk Recipes

Rice milk is popular globally and thus is used almost in every cuisine. It is used as a substitute for cow’s milk.

Preferable Cooking Methods For Rice milk recipe

It is usually boiled or simmered. Also sometimes it is used without cooking.

Popular Ingredient Recipes of Rice drink

Many dishes have rice milk as a main ingredient. It is used to make desserts like rice pudding. Here it is used as a substitute of cow’s milk and is cooked along with rice and sugar. This is a very popular dessert.

Rice milk ice creams are also very popular. It is preferred by vegans as well as vegetarians.

This grain milk is also used to make coffee creamer.

Mexican chocolate ice is a refreshing drink made with rice milk.

Nutritive Value of Rice drink

As this is a drink made from grains it has more carbohydrate. It lacks lactose and also has less amount of protein.

The rice milk available in the market has added vitamins and minerals in them.

Rice Milk Buying/Storing Tips

Because of its popularity rice milk is easily available in any grocery store. They are usually sold in tetra packs or bottles. They can easily be made at home also. The milk is also available by ordering online.

The milk need not be put in the refrigerator if the bottles are not opened but require immediate refrigeration once opened. Once the bottles are opened the milk needs to be consumed within one to two weeks.


In Germany only milk available from animals can be referred to as milk. Thus non animal product like rice milk is known as rice drink over there.