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Pozole or posole is a traditional pre-Columbian soup that is originally from Mexico. The soup is generally made by cooking together corn with meat, and seasonings.

History of the Posole

The very first mention of the dish is in the Fray Bernardino de Sahagún's book that was written in circa 1500 CE named as "General History of the Things of New Spain" The dish is considered to be native to the Geurrero State and is usually cooked for special occasions. Gourmands state that corn was a staple to the natives and they considered corn to be sacred. As a result, this pre-Columbian soup was made and consumed only on special occasions. The ancients believed that cooking meat and corn together was doubly auspicious. Researchers have also stated that there was a good chance that the meat in the stew was human meat. Humans that were sacrificed during auspicious occasions by having their hearts ripped out where chopped and cooked for the pozole. The meal that was then prepared was considered to be doubly auspicious for this reason. The meat was considered from the gods and the whole community would get together to eat the meal. After cannibalism was banned, pork was used to create the dish as it the most similar in taste to human meat.

Pozole Recipe:Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation

The corn that is used in the recipe has to be slaked with lime. Dried white "cacahuazintle" corn has to be prepared with lime and the process can be labor intensive. But it is just as easy to buy Nixtamalado or treated corn as it more easy to digest and much more nutritious too. Chicken, pork, turkey, pork rinds are cooked with hominy, chilies, onion, garlic, and spices to create at thick broth. Vegetarians will be able to find simpler versions that are also cooked all year round.

Serving Suggestions for the Posole

Pozole is served in a large bowl garnished with cabbage an onions. Individual servings are put in each bowl and garnishes like shredded cabbage, chopped onion, oregano, limes, hard rolls, and red chillies are served.

Popular Pozole Recipe Variations

There are three main recipe variations of the pozole. The ingredients are basically the same but the thickness of the broth may change. For example, a thin white broth is commonly prepared with pumpkin seeds and tomatillos, and a green version that is prepared from green chillies. There is a red version too that can be prepared with red chilly paste, and red spices.


Pozole is well known for its curative properties and is considered to be the cure for a hangover. It is usually cooked and served early in the morning as a preventive for hangovers.