Pepper Cheese Quesadilla

Pepper Cheese Quesadilla is a grilled specialty main dish belonging to Mexican cuisine and combines two quintessential ingredients of Mexican fare – Peppers and Cheese to create a delightful and appetizing dish relished by all. A quesadilla is basically a flour or corn based tortilla flat bread filled with a savoury mixture containing cheese (and pepper in this case) along with other ingredients. This is then folded into half in order to form a half-moon shape and grilled to crispness before serving with fresh salsa.


Basic requirements are tortillas, sweet bell peppers - both green and red, cut into strips, chopped jalapeno pepper, chopped green onions, grated skimmed mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese and some hot spicy salsa.


A tortilla is placed on a hot grill, sprinkled with half the cheese, covered with pepper strips, jalepeno peppers and green onions. After the remaining cheese is sprinkled all over, second tortilla is used to cover it. After grilling for few minutes or until the cheese is melted it is removed to a plate and cut into large triangles and served hot with fresh salsa.

Alternatively the cheese and pepper filling is first made combining all the ingredients - chopped peppers, green onions, some spicy salsa and both varieties of grated cheese. This filling is carefully placed on one half of the tortilla over a heated grill. The other half is folded over to create a half-moon shaped quesadilla which becomes crisp on the outside with soft melted cheese pepper filling within.

Nutrition Facts

A serving of ~200 g would supply-

• A total of 263.1 calories with 94 calories from fat.

• A total fat content of 10.5 g with 5.2 g saturated fats.

• Cholesterol content of 24.0 mg

• Sodium content of 644.8 mg and Potassium 413 mg.

• Total carbohydrate content of 30.4 g with 5.5 g sugars, 4.0 g dietary fibre, the remaining being other carbohydrate components.

• Total protein content of 12.1 g.

Nutritional Improvement

• Low-fat or fat-free cheese may help reduce the overall and saturated fat content.

• A herb avocado dip alongside would increase the healthy unsaturated fat content making the pepper cheese quesadilla more nutritious.